Monday, March 3, 2014

Astrological Trends for March, 2014 – “Full Throttle, Reverse”

March started backwards. Why? It’s because on March 1st,
#16, The Tower is tarot's card for Mars
depicted by Ciro Marchetti for
"Legacy of the Divine Tarot"©
Mars in Libra went retrograde, swiftly followed by Saturn in Scorpio on the 2nd.  Retrogrades are designed to make us slow down and take stock of the world around us. The effects of planetary retrogrades differ according to the planet involved, its characteristics and the sign it occupies during the retrograde cycle. Strong retrogrades, such as Mars and Mercury, are not good times to start new ventures.  However there’s still plenty of work to do to move your life forward. All you need is patience.

#11 Justice is tarot's card for Libra
depiction from Rome Choi's
"Dreaming Way Tarot"©
Forceful Mars calls for subtler, more inward action while in retrograde. Spend time reviewing your desires and ambitions, as well as your previous deeds. Is your current path creating more conflicts than you’d like? Do you react more aggressively in situations than is necessary? Mars’ charm falls a little flat during retrograde and unresolved issues frequently resurface.  Reacting aggressively when this happens can cost you hard-won ground. Conflicts right now will test not only your patience, but your integrity as well.  Although Mars in Libra carries an innate sense of justice, during retrograde it becomes important not to bend justice to suit your wishes. Let painful feelings fall away. They are in the past. They cannot hurt you unless you choose to let them rule your present actions.  

Saturn in Scorpio turned retrograde on March 2nd and now
#21, The World is tarot's card for Saturn
depiction from "Tarot Of Pagan Cat's"© by
Lo Scarabeo
nobody gets to sleep.  This is the perfect time to re-tool organizations and bureaucratic systems. Talk about the need for patience. Streamlining becomes a way of life under Saturn’s retrograde in Scorpio. Review policies and procedures.  Work within systems to change them. Yes you can, because you have the personal power needed to undertake these types of challenges, exhausting as they may be.  Scorpio’s intuition gives you tremendous insights into over-burdened, poorly functioning areas of life – not just in business, but personally as well.  When tapping into the power of Saturn in its home sign, Scorpio, use the energy wisely and with a sense of higher purpose.

Jupiter's tarot card is #10, The Wheel of  Fortune
depiction by Barbara Moore and Aly Fell for
"Steampunk Tarot"©
Jupiter turns direct in Cancer on March 6th. Hallelujah! Combine this expansive energy hit with the revisionary power of both retrograde planets.  What an opportunity to transform your life.  Don’t want to transform it?  No problem. Refine is another ‘r’ word (Retrograde are about using ‘r’ words after all: Revisit, review, refine) that helps you utilize life’s holding pattern common during retrograde energy.  If revision isn’t required in your life see what area needs to expand in your consciousness to support your vision.

This month also brings the return of the Grand Cardinal T-Square, Venus’ entry into Aquarius, Full Moon in Virgo, Sun in Aries combined with the vernal equinox and another New Moon on the 30th.  Whew! I will be covering these events as we go.  This month will be fast and furious, my friends, despite the temporary stagnation patterns of ongoing retrograde cycles.  Use caution and remember to respond this month, not react.  Be brilliant!


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