Friday, May 31, 2013

Astrological Trends for June 2013 - Part 1, “Retro-Fitting”

High Priestess - Intuition, the subconscious

Saturn in Scorpio, Neptune in Pisces and Mercury in Cancer are all in retrograde this month and they are working in a positive way to retro-fit your life. We’ve had some intense, fiery Wand energy during April and May. If you got out in front of it and used its passion and enthusiasm to design the life you want, you probably feel like your running on empty right now. Hang in there because in June the Universe is giving you a chance to rest up and accomplish some easy re-do work.  

Neptune in Pisces will be in retrograde from June 7th to November 13th. Retrograde means that as Earth passes a planet during our own orbit an optical illusion occurs that makes the other planet (Neptune Saturn and Mercury this month) appear to be moving backwards. Mystical Neptune rules dreams, spirituality and illusion. During its retrograde cycle, our blinders come off.  We review our life choices and our spiritual connections.  Neptune retrograde is when we decide if we’re on the right track or not.  Meditations and dream states are richer during this time - the resulting information, more profound. Powerful psychic energy flows through us, but, we also run the risk of becoming overwhelmed.  Keep your home and yourself clear of negativity and energy vampires especially if Neptune in Pisces appears in your birth chart.  

Saturn in Scorpio has been in retrograde since February 18th.  It turns direct on July 8th.  We’ve experienced a period of challenges (that’s how Saturn teaches) but, we’ve also received the necessary information to overcome those challenges.  Come on, you know you have.  It’s your own fault if you haven’t acted on your new insights.  Saturn retrograde is an opportunity to work on your infrastructure.  Saturn rules our physical and psychological support systems.  During this retrograde, commit to yourself. No, not put yourself first.  Commit to reviewing and redefining your personal guidelines in a positive way. What projects (and you have taken on many) truly speak to your soul? Disentangle yourself from those that don’t.  Avoid over commitment (10 of Wands).  Retrogrades are about renewal, not overkill.
10 of Wand - Over-burdened

Our last retrograde player is good old Mercury in Cancer, June 26th to July 20th.  Naturally, the first thing we all think of are the messed up schedules, miscommunications and mechanical snafus that typify Mercury in retrograde.  Again, we some powerful energy from Neptune and Saturn that mitigates Mercury’s shadow side.  Also, Cancer makes Mercury highly empathic and intuitive. Use Neptune’s heightened clarity and Saturn’s rules of proper conduct to assist you in communicating accurately and effectively during Mercury retrograde and you may not even notice it - and smudge, smudge, smudge.


Part 2 of “ Astrological Trends for June 2013” looks at Venus in Cancer and our New Moon on June 8th.

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