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March 16, 2014, Full Worm Moon in Virgo – “The Year Turns”

#9, The hermit is tarot's card
for Virgo. RWCS from US Games® 

“Shine on, shine on Worm Moon, up in sky....”  It just doesn’t have the same romantic ring to it as “shine on Harvest Moon,” does it?  Still, native Americans knew that March’s Full Worm Moon meant the ground had started to thaw and that robins couldn’t be far behind. This month’s Full Worm Moon extends the same traditional promise of springtime and occurs at twenty-six degrees, two minutes of Virgo on March 16th, at 10:08 a.m. PDST.

Virgo rules the sixth house of the Zodiac where we store our health, daily responsibilities and our capacity to be of service to others. Virgo is a mutable sign ( like Gemini, Sagittarius and Pisces) or, a sign that occurs at the end of a given season.  Mutable signs adapt easily to change and Virgo’s capacity for linear thought makes this Full Moon a great time to work the kinks out of systems.  Spotting errors is one of the things Virgos do best.  They continue to scan for problems and refine their work long after the rest of us say good enough.  That strive for perfection is the core of Virgo’s personality.  (See Blog: Virgo – Analytical And Precise, Or Fussbudget )  

Our Full Worm Moon in Virgo wants us to balance the
#1, Isis, represents The Magician in Kris
Waldherr's glorious "The Goddess Tarot"©,
tarot's card for Mercury - ruler of Virgo
components of our lives.  Have you sacrificed your exercise regime for more hours on the job only to find that you’ve made few gains other than poundage?  Time to make a change.  Streamline your systems with Virgo’s help.  Look at the extremes in your life: Control versus no control, total involvement versus complete apathy.  What areas of your life need adjustment for the sake of balance – physically as well as spiritually?  The 16th is a perfect time to make a contract with yourself – to establish a blueprint for the season ahead. 

Lady Moon's tarot card, #2,
The High Priestess from Corrine Kenner
and John J. Blumen's, "Wizard's Tarot"©
This year Uranus and Pluto want to bring sweeping changes in our lives while Jupiter offers us the opportunity for expansion.  Full Moon in Virgo is here to remind us that transformation, while messy, can still have order to it, even if no one understands that order but us.  On the 16th your best intention work (meditative, or ritual) will be in the areas of health, happiness and the greater good.  Use tarot’s astrological associations as your focal points: The High Priestess (Moon), The Hermit (Virgo) and The Magician (Mercury, Virgo’s ruling planet).  Work with candles: Yellow (joy), yellow gold (energy), white (high vibration), as well as purple (health). Full Moons are also an excellent periods to work on intuition and creativity.  Be sure to watch your Voids of Course on the  16th, 17th and 18th.

We are setting the tone for springtime with this Full Worm Moon – clearing away the old and preparing fertile ground for seed in the coming months.  Prepare your ground now and you will be assured of a plentiful harvest later.


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