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Virgo - Analytical and Precise, or Fussbudget? # 9, The Hermit


#9, The Hermit who rules Virgo
withdraws gains wisdom through for solitude
and introspection RWCS, US Games Edition
If you're planning a major event like a wedding or a safari, Virgos are great to have around.  Not only are they by nature, organized and meticulous, they are also clever with their hands, intelligent and when they are centered, they are very charming.  Take a look at the people you know who belong to service groups like ELKS, or who sit on committees for charity organizations.  There's bound to be more than a few Virgos in the mix.  Members of the sixth sign of the Zodiac can't resist the chance to serve humanity anymore than they can resist the chance to organize.

Virgos compartmentalize their feelings better than most of us and
#1, The Magician governs Virgo's ruling planet,
Mercury.  The Magician is focused intention
and manifestation, "Wizard's Tarot" ©
by Corrine Kenner and John J. Blumen
because they can do so with such ease, they are often accused of being unfeeling.  Far from it.  Although they may be very sympathetic to someone's plight, they conceal their concern under a facade of detachment.  That's very handy in a crisis when it's better to let cooler heads prevail.  Virgos are articulate, have a good grasp of finite principles, but are less at home with abstract concepts and personal philosophies.  If you're going to theorize around a Virgo, make certain your ideas can be attributed to an established school of thought.  They like staying inside the lines.  However, if you are waging a campaign of any kind, a Virgo is a masterful tactician.

With all these excellent qualities, why are Virgos the Zodiac's poster child for OCD?  That would be because Virgos are perfectionists.  Luckily, Virgos are also fair-minded and rarely ask more from anyone else than they are willing to give of themselves.  They will also cut you a break.  Of course, that's where we come back to the whole issue of being centered and grounded, isn't it?  Ungrounded, Virgos can be nit-picking fussbudgets.

In tarot, Virgos are represented by #9 in the Major Arcana, The Hermit.  This is not surprising given Virgo's hidden depths.  The Hermit is a seeker of truth and often withdraws from life to sort out inner turmoil.  He learns his lessons well and when he emerges from his self-imposed exile, he is both stronger and more insightful for his time in solitude.  The Hermit, like a Virgo, will return to the world, holding up a lamp to light the way.  They are not a guru, nor are they interested in becoming one.  They simply light the path and it's up to you whether or not you choose to follow it.

Virgo is an earth sign and its members usually prefer the tones of terra firma around them - greens, browns, shades of yellow and orange, etc.  Their ruling planet is Mercury, which governs communication.  If you are in a relationship with a Virgo, honor their time and space while they are in exile.  Likewise, insist they respect your need to be less than perfect and maybe just a tad bit messy.

Up Date for August 26, 2013 - Mercury entered Virgo on August 23rd and remains until the wee hours of September 9th!

Mercury in Virgo combines intellect with an appreciation for finely tuned systems.  Expect a quicker than average grasp of patterns and rhythms, as well as an almost uncanny ability to refine and reduce the complex into the easily understood.  Mercury  is in its home sign and that means heightened communications all across the board.  


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