Monday, March 17, 2014

Mercury In Pisces, March 17th, 2014 – “Going With Your Gut While Knowing Your Own Mind”

The Magician, tarot's card for
Mercury, RWCS US Games®
"As it is above, so it is below"

While many are working on their St. Patrick’s Day hangover, Mercury, that fastball planet of communication, will stealthily slip into the sign of Pisces at 3:24 p.m., PDST.  It will remain there until April 6th.  Mercury rules both the third (communication) and sixth houses (work and service to others). It influences not only our communications, but our intellect, nervous system and decision making as well.

Mercury in Pisces is an intuitive state of mind – more so if you have Mercury in Pisces in your birth chart. When faced with logical progression, or intuition, gut instinct feels like the natural choice.  Pisces is a psychic sign, a sign of empathy, imagination and creativity.  If you work in the area of creative communications; advertising, writing, graphic design and sales, you’ll feel a kicker in your artistic juices – a muse whispering delights in your ear.  Don’t block it and don’t repress it in favor of someone else’s beliefs.  The tricky thing about Mercury in Pisces (MiP) is making sure we keep our empathy for people and situations in its proper place.  We are easily swayed during MiP.    While we have great ideas, sometimes our insecurities prevent us from acting on them. We also allow other people’s input to over-ride our own.  Work to build up your confidence during MiP.

Tarot readers, pay particular attention to cards in positions,
The Moon is Pisces tarot card
"Wizards Tarot"© by Corrine Kenner and
John J. Blumen – Illusion, imagination, fear
seven and nine in the outcome row of  Celtic Cross tarot spreads ( See Blog: “The Bridge To Somewhere” if not a reader ) during MiP.  Placement seven shows the querent’s (your view) view of the question asked. Placement nine concerns things that you must consider about yourself and the situation. These placements always give great internal dialogue about justification, point of view, fallacies and strengths, but right now they are particularly useful.   

MiP is a great opportunity to continue working with Jupiter in Cancer’s supportive and expansive energy.  Open the heart lines with friends and family.  Follow your instincts about budgeting and earning opportunities. Jupiter in Cancer is good with money.  Should you tighten your belt for the rest of this month?  Will a judicious purchase now save you money in the long-run?  You know the correct answer when you listen to your higher self.

Mercury in Pisces offers us a burst of mental fertility just as we head into spring.  Use it imaginatively and with the wisdom of your inner guides, not your ego.  Enjoy!


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