Friday, March 7, 2014

March 2014, Venus Goes Vintage While Jupiter Pays It Forward

The Goddess of lover, herself, as she appears
in "The Goddess Tarot"© by Kris Waldherr

Venus rules the signs, Taurus and Libra – an interesting dichotomy to say the least.  While Taurus is an earth sign in the fixed modality, Libra is the element of air and carries a cardinal quality.  Taurus ferries about yin, or feminine energy and Libra is steeped in the more direct yang, or male energy.  Taurus rules the second house where self-esteem, possessions and income potential are stored and Libra, in house number seven, is all social grace, refinement and primary relationships.  

On March 5th, Venus put on her bellbottoms, wove flowers in her hair and glided into Aquarius.  Why the sixties symbolism?  That would be because Venus in Aquarius is open, compassionate and loving, but, more than anything else, loves her freedom. There's emotional detachment going on, but not in a cold, or analytical way. Aquarius carries an expansive energy for group participation, grand projects and for attracting a wide range of friends. Venus in Aquarius  is a student of human nature – free-wheeling and always extending the benefit of the doubt to those around her.  Don’t worry about spending endless hours seeking meaningless hook ups.  You won't.  Venus in Aquarius is a platonic energy and while there may be a romantic fling involved for some people, this transit is about socializing.

Jupiter in Cancer normally carries a wonderful expansive
Kris Waldherr depicts #3, The Empress as
Estsanatlehi, Goddess of Fertility in
"The Goddess Tarot"©
energy. The Santa Claus planet has been in retrograde lately however, and we’ve all felt the slow down in drive, as well as a tighter than usual feeling in our pocket books.  You might have experienced more bills than money during normally flush cycles.  Investments with significant growth potential were slow starters during Jupiter’s retrograde. Wall Street, notoriously fickle, even neurotic at the best of times, struggled and in many cases refused to live up to projections.  On March 6th, however, Jupiter went direct and anyone watching the world markets saw the shift.  For example, this morning saw’s IPO and in milliseconds, the price per share jumped from just over $12.00 to more than $28.00.  

The expansion we’ll enjoy is not simply limited to money-making (thank Heaven!). Our sense of compassion expands as well.  Jupiter in Cancer demands largess from our emotions.  There’s humor in this energy – big belly laughs.  Hence the likening to Santa Claus: Jolly, generous and sympathetic.  Jupiter plays well with the Taurus side of Venus’ nature that enjoys pleasure and opulence.  Is there a down side? Oh, heck yah. While Venus says, “Spoil me,” Jupiter responds with, “Sure thing, Doll-face.” Overindulgence of yourself and others can lead to a continuance of financial woes, or emotionally giving ‘til it hurts.  Remember that socializing energy?  You can still socialize without buying drinks for the whole bar.  Know your limits and stay within their boundaries.

It’s a great feeling to have Jupiter moving us forward again. Even with the caveats for March’s retrograde mania ( See Blog: “Astrological Trends For March 2014” )we still have plenty of room to bloom this month. Simply keep your goals insight and your boundaries tight.


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