Tuesday, September 23, 2014

New Moon in Libra Delivers Balance and Drive

#11, Justice, or Breakthrough from
"OSHO Zen Tarot"© by Deva Padma
gives us the sense of how to work with
New Moon in Libra

This month's New Moon in 1 degree and 8 minutes of Libra continues the theme of establishing balance throughout our lives and in the world around us. New Moons set the emotional tone for the month and Libra provides an excellent tuning fork. Moon in Libra is a charming, romantic moon, with a strong intellectual component. Romance is a big factor, but our intellect decides where our boundaries are and any attractions we feel must engage our minds, as much, or even more so than our hearts.  Libra's energy creates a highly social dynamic, where our interactions are about honest communication and the drive to build harmony by deepening our understanding of others. That's a fairly intense combination. 

Venus, the ruler of Libra gives this New Moon a glamorous
OSHO's #14 Integration also stands for
Temperance, Sagittarius' card
and sophisticated flavor.  This is a time to appreciate the arts and enjoy some of the finer things in life, to indulge in free thinking while staying grounded. New Moon in Libra is not an overly emotional moon. It is a moon of balance though, connecting equal parts for a sum much greater than the sum of the whole.  We have an equal connection to the elements of earth, sky, fire and water – more so now with the cosmic push for balance.  Air signs will likely see a greater increase in their mental keenness than other signs, while earth signs experience a stronger creative flair coupled with feelings of intense resolve.  Water signs draw on the moon's intuition while firmly grounding their imaginations through their intellect.  Fire signs, cry out for action – not for its own sake, but action with an eye towards completion.

OSHO Zen Tarot's© #16, "Thunder Bolt"
shows us the positive power unleashed
in an adaptation of "The Tower"
There are other factors to take into account during this New Moon.  Venus, ruler of Libra is residing in Virgo where she boosts the romantic flavor of this month's New Moon. There's also Mars in Sagittarius who carries a bold energy that's always on the lookout for an adventure. Left to its own devices Mars in Sagittarius remains a little unfocused. However, all the balancing and focusing power from Libra gives Mars a boost in the adventure department. One that will likely increase on September 25th when Jupiter trines Uranus (more on that later). 

Consider the astrological significance of the following cards should they appear frequently in your readings:

The High Priestess      -  The Moon     
Justice                          -   Libra
The Magician              -   Mercury (also in Libra now)
The Empress               -   Venus
The Hermit                  -   Virgo
The Tower                   -   Mars (let's watch this planet during the next few days)

Temperance               -   Sagittarius
Wheel of Fortune       -   Jupiter
Uranus                         -   The Fool

Enjoy the benefits of a strong Moon in Libra. It's here to facilitate our artistry as well as our intellect, our imaginations, as well as of practical natures.  This is a time to balance and restore order so we can prepare for the power surges of October.


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