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Astrological Trends forJanuary, 2015 – “Wade in the Water, Children”


Although the annual reign of Aquarius doesn’t begin until
#17, The Star from Ciro Marchetti's
phenomenal deck, "The Legacy of the
Divine Tarot"©
January 20th,  two planets dawn their energetic galoshes by wading into Aquarian transits early in the month. One of them, Mercury will also go retrograde in Aquarius. I guess we'll simply have to grin and bear it. Get it? Puns are a great way to start the new year.

Aquarius is an air sign in the fixed modality and is ruled by Uranus. Though most people associate the sign of the water bearer with neon-colored  paisley and an olfactory overload of patchouly, that couldn’t be further from the truth.  ( See blog: Aquarius: Independent and Artistic, or Diva) Aquarians are first, and foremost innovators.  They are the intellectual individualists of the zodiac and are also great humanitarians. Susan B. Anthony, Thomas Edison, Jules Verne, Charles Lindbergh and Charles Darwin were Aquarians.

Just as each sign in the zodiac is ascribed to one of the four elements, earth, air, water, or fire, each of the four suits in tarot is also associated with an element.  Tarot’s suit of Swords represents the element of air and in divination this suit explores the worlds of intellect, attitude, truthfulness and certain areas of spiritual connection. January is a month to pay close attention to how and where the suit of Swords shows up in your readings.  Also watch for #17, The Star, tarot’s major arcana card representing Aquarius. This card means hope, inspiration and serenity.

#3, The Empress from "Streampunk Tarot"©
by Barbara Moore and Aly Fell
On January 3rd, Venus enters Aquarius. Venus in Aquarius might appear to be emotionally detached, but that’s not the whole story. Venus in Aquarius is highly charismatic to a variety of people. Aquarian’s love their freedom, so give your partner room to meander on the open range (particularly if Venus, or Aquarius is prominent in their birth chart). No, that’s not giving them license to poach in someone else’s pasture. Venus in Aquarius benefits socially and financially by connecting with people now, but only by using the Aquarian mantra of innovation, industry and humanitarianism. Let long-term relationship issues take a back seat during this transit as partners are less likely to be receptive to deep discussions. Venus’ tarot association is #3, The Empress, who stands for abundance, creativity and nurturing. 

Our Full Moon this month occurs on January 4th in fourteen
Kris Waldherr uses Rhiannon to represent
tarot's beloved charioteer in her
deck, "The Goddess Tarot"©
degrees and thirty-one minutes of Cancer The Moon is said to be high functioning, or exalted in Cancer
which means it is at its peak in terms of power and influence. The sign, Cancer is ruled by Lady Moon and is of great benefit to us if we use her power in the appropriate way.  I’ll have more of this Moon later this week.  Tarot’s association for the Moon is #2, The High Priestess. This card deals with matters of the subconscious, indirect action and intuition. Cancer’s tarot association is #7, The Chariot.  Tarot’s charioteer rises triumphantly above the obstacles in his path. Where will The Chariot help you in your life?

Mercury begins its transit of Aquarius on January 4th as well.
#1, The Magician, from
RWCS deck, US Games® version
Mercury is the planet of communications and intellect. Inside the water bearer’s domain, Mercury becomes an inventive mind. Aquarius uses this planet’s skill set to influence the areas of career, reputation and societal structures (such as corporations, government and agencies that benefit the human endeavor).  

Corporate structure becomes not only easier to understand, but also to navigate after January 4th. You’ll also find it easier to have your voice heard, so be prepared.  Know your facts inside and out. All sorts of communications – even the non-verbal kind – are easily understood during this transit. That means stay present it all discussions and don’t let your body language do the talking for you.  Aquarius’ strong human component helps analytical Mercury see into the heart of a person’s motivations. 

Now comes the most important part, so pay attention.
Mercury goes into retrograde on January 21st until February 11th.  (See blog: "Mercury Retrograde, Tarot and You" ) After January 16th be aware of the rules of Mercury Retrograde and follow them faithfully.  Communications, travel plans and computers tend to go askew. Be prepared. Check and re-check everything. Don’t enter into delicate negotiations or contracts during this time and carefully review business matters that are already underway. Mercury has possibly the best tarot association – certainly my favorite – #1, The Magician.  This card is about limitless potential and the ability to create ones realty through focus and conscious, directed thought.  It doesn’t get much better than that, does it? 

Later I’ll cover our Full Moon is Cancer, as well as Mars’ transit of Pisces (more water), Mercury’s retrograde in Aquarius from a tarot perspective and Venus’ leap to Pisces at the end of this month. 2015 is stretched out before us like the Yellow Brick Road.  The journey will often be exciting and sometimes nerve-racking.  Stay tuned to my blog for insights and suggestions. Oh, and watch out for the flying monkeys.


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