Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Mercury Retrograde, Tarot And You – March 2012

I make it a point to check the retrograde calendar without fail...well, usually.  This present one (March 12th through April 4th)  snuck up on me -  complete with missed appointments, various and sundry mechanical failures and an overall feeling of being stuck wearing somebody else's dirty gym socks.  At least I passed through the eye of the storm in not so blissful ignorance.  And when I finally realized the cause of all snags and snarls in what few organized systems I possess, I said, "Well, of course, retrograde!" We have just a few more days...a few more days.  Repeat it with me, a few more days.

If you're not familiar with Mercury retrogrades, I'll take a minute to explain.  Each year as Earth orbits the Sun, it overtakes Mercury three to four times.  When we pass Mercury, it creates the optical illusion that Mercury is actually reversing it's orbit.  This optical illusion is a metaphor for the mishaps and misstatements that punctuate our lives during this period.  It's also proof that the Cosmos has a twisted sense of humor.

Are you drawing more swords than usual in your tarot readings?  Hmmm.  Could be old Mercury messing with your mind.  Do your cups runneth over?  You know the culprit.  So how go I stop saying the wrong thing at the worst time, or stop spending hours wallowing in emotional quagmires?  Worse yet, how do I get my cable remote to work again, you ask.

The key to a successful Mercury Retrograde is preparation.

1) Know your yearly retrograde dates, relax and breath into them.  Meditate.
2) Keep you expectations low during this time, both personally and professionally.  If possible, try not to     enter into new contracts or negotiations.  Don't decide to have air-clearing discussions with friends and family.  Communications of all kinds are highly influenced by Mercury's illusion.
3) Remember your  "R" words.  Renew, revisit, rest, re-plan, re-figure, renovate.  Things that are already in progress can benefit from a Mercury Retrograde revision.  Those are safe to do.
4) Keep your favorite tarot deck handy and plenty on sage and sweetgrass incense about for cleansing as needed.  Swords may caution you about over-thinking or living in your head.  Cups will point out over-indulgence of angst and remind you that there is, indeed, a morning after.

Follow these steps and while life won't necessarily be a breeze, it will be much easier.

Retrograde Dates for 2012

March 12th  to April 4th

July 14th to August 7th

November 6th to November 26th

Lady Oracle

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