Monday, December 8, 2014

December 8, 2014 – “Santa Claus Goes Retrograde”

Jupiter, the friendly giant of our solar system begins its
#10 Fortune, from Kris Waldherr's fabulous
"The Goddess Tarot" © is tarot's
card for Jupiter. 
retrograde cycle today.  During Jupiter’s ramp-up for retrograde we began feeling the need to rein in our lives a little bit. We had a sense of having spent too long at the banquet table and began wishing for more Spartan fare. (Probably, in part, a reaction to all the dressing and gravy during Thanksgiving) Nationally and globally during Jupiter Retrograde there’s a sense of having too much information to process and that our gains as a species have come too fast and left us feeling a little hollow inside.  

Our desire to slow down and take a serious look at the foundations of our lives is one of the best gifts we receive from our Santa Claus planet.  Jupiter governs the expansion of our worlds – another way of saying it provides us with the opportunities to grow.  Ruler of Sagittarius, Jupiter occupies a place in the ninth house of the zodiac. This where we store our philosophical and religious views, our relationship to the laws that govern our culture and our desires for travel. Jupiter entered Leo earlier this year, bringing us a powerful and charismatic energy to propel our lives forward.  No wonder you’re feeling a little overwhelmed.

Leo's card (of course) is #8 Strength.
From "Steampunk Tarot"© by Barbara
Moore and Aly Fell
Retrograde cycles are based on an optical illusion that as Earth overlaps a planet during its orbit of the Sun, the planet we pass appears to move backwards.  There’s a decrease, or even a slight reversal of the astrological benefits associated with the outdistanced planet.  Many people groan when they hear the word, ‘retrograde.’  They shouldn’t. Retrogrades are a natural part of the expansion and contraction process of the Universe – particularly Jupiter’s retrograde.  As the opportunities slow we have the chance to go inside ourselves and shore up our core beliefs and values.  If you’re going to build a skyscraper, you have to have a solid foundation.  That’s the purpose of Jupiter’s retrograde, to allow us the chance to reinforce the footings of our lives in preparation for the next surge forward.

Jupiter remains in retrograde until April 8, 2015.  Use this time as the opportunity it is.  Make your plans and make certain you have the support systems in place to set them in motion this April, because come this spring there will be whitecaps in the power waves rolling off Jupiter as it turns direct in Leo.  Be ready.


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