Sunday, June 2, 2013

Part 2 Astrological Trends for June 2013, - “The Main Event”

Tarot's card for Venus,
The Empress

We took a look at June’s amazing retrograde energy in the blog, “Astrological Trends for June 2013 Part 1.”  Even though we’ve left fiery Aries and methodical Taurus behind us for the time being, there are still plenty of more subdued energy currents out there that we can use to our advantage this month.  

Venus leaves Gemini on June 2nd and leaves that flirty and fickle energy behind her.  She moves into Cancer feeling a little insecure.  With all that frivolous energy gone, it’s time to rebuild a more secure framework for our partnerships - aka, nest-build. We may start the month feeling a little needy, but soon Venus in Cancer finds her footing and we will feel the flow of a more nurturing energy that will encompass not only our partner, but our friends and extended families as well.  

While Venus encourages us to let our creativity flow, Mercury
Tarot's card for Mercury,
The Magician
in Cancer heightens our intuitive communications.  Those who express their creativity through the written word will see an uptick in their productivity (Hooray!) during the first part of the month.  Will everything you write be brilliant?  No, but to borrow a metaphor from Dorothy Parker, bleed on the page as much as you want.  Mercury in retrograde (June 26th to July 20th) will give you the opportunity to re-tool your efforts.

Mars in Gemini continues to delivers the kick we need to stay focused this month.  Mars and the Twins have a marvelous versatility to them.  Where alone, Mars is the warrior, we see the combination with Gemini creating a dynamic formula: Thought + Action = Achievement. Mars will not let grass grow under the feet of type ‘A’ personalities this month.  Once you reach the achievement stage, you will move quickly to the next equation. Start ups and new stock enthusiasts take heed. Mars in Gemini can make fortunes turn on a dime for those savvy and courageous enough to act.

Tarot's card for Jupiter,
The Wheel of Fortune
Jupiter moves to Cancer at the end of the month. Can I get an Alialujah from the kids in the back?  Jupiter in Cancer is sublime.  In Cancer, the red giant is fun-loving, humorous and good with money.  Jupiter will stay in Cancer for the next year and we will be able to see the ideas we’ve set in motion in early 2013 grow and bear fruit.  This is a prosperous energy.  Jump on it starting with Mars in Gemini (May 31st to July 13th), but use a little more caution during Mercury Retrograde.

Our New Moon on June 8th is at 18 degrees, 1 second Gemini and I’ll have more information on that later this week. On June 23rd our Full Moon will be in 2 degrees and 10 seconds Capricorn.  There might be some white caps on the energy waves with that one.  I’ll keep you posted.  In the meantime remember to take time to do extra meditation this month and to let June’s retrograde periods work for you.  That’s why they are there.


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