Friday, June 7, 2013

June 7, 2013 - "Gentlemen, Start Your Engines (Gentlewomen Too!)"

The Magician - Conscious, directed thought
June 7, 2013 breaks down to the numbers #10, Wheel of Fortune and # 1, The Magician.  If this isn't a thunk on the head from the Universe, I don't know what is.  Timing is everything and on the day before the New Moon in Gemini, (see previous blog) we have been given the reminder to get ready, get set and hit go with the lunar cycle. 

Tarot's #10, The Wheel represents the beginning of tomorrows new lunar cycle.  Pretty good timing, wouldn't you say?  However it's not only the presence of # 10 in today's date that's significant.  Today's date, 6+7+2+0+1+3 = 10 in numerology, but also reduces (1+0=1) to #1, The Magician.  The Magician is the lighting rod of universal energy within the tarot deck.  He not only draws down the elemental forces, but he directs them as well.  He commands and creates with conscious thought and sheer force of will.  By assuming responsibility for where his thoughts go, he is in partnership with Source to co-create his
The Wheel of Fortune - A change in circumstances, new cycle

Today we have the opportunity before a significantly powerful New Moon to decide what path we wish to take in restructuring our lives.  In order to move forward with positive results, we must first identify the things we want to create instead of identifying the things we don't want to create.  No simple task.  Affirming what we truly want is not the natural order for us.  Logic often dictates that we achieve the right answers or conclusions by using the process of elimination, or what we don't want.  This is a hard habit to break, but in order to draw what you do want, you must stay focused on what your ideal world looks like to you.

Take the time today to tell yourself all the things you want in your life: Health, love, family, friends, excitement, forgiveness, financial gain - whatever.  By affirming the positive you will be able to take on the role of The Magician and create more of what you desire into your life.


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