Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Tis the Season to Be Smudging - Welcoming Summer

Vision Quest Tarot ©
by Gayan S. Winter and Jo Dose'
Smudging is an ancient, time-honored art for clearing your environment of negative energy and unwelcome entities.  It crosses all cultural barriers.  Native Americans burn wreaths of sweet grass, cedar and sage, Catholic priests wave burners of incense before their processions and Celts burn wheels of maze and herbs.

At the end of this week we have a convergence of sorts.  The summer solstice arrives on June 21st and a powerful Full Moon occurs in 2 degrees of Capricorn on June 23rd.  The notorious Uranus Pluto Square also pours its high voltage, but volatile energy into the mix.  It’s hardly the time to get caught with energetic clutter in your personal space.  We have all this universal flotsam and jetsam flowing around us and if our spaces, as well as our auric fields are clear, we get to harness wonderful lunar and solar energy to move our lives forward and promote personal growth.  And that my dears, is why it is the season to smudge.

Many people prefer the traditional ways of smudging - a lighted rope of sweet grass or a bundle of sage - but there are many good alternatives to traditional smudging techniques.  There are ones that don’t make the neighbor who happens to drop by unexpectedly think that you are chain smoking pot.  Smudging sprays are space cleansers for the new millennium. No smoke laden air, or clothes, no fear of sparks igniting the pile of shoes at the bottom of your closet and no fear of DEA agents mistakingly crashing in your door because of a bogus tip.

Clearing sprays combine sacred essence of oils, usually sage and cedar, with pure water and focused intent.  Sometimes the person creating the smudge spray will add particular resins or chips of crystal to give the specific kick necessary for the desired results. When created correctly, these powerful cleansers have Pine Sol™ beat eight ways to Sunday.   

Smudging sprays are a fast and effective way of clearing your own energy field of negativity.  Intuitives and empaths (tarot readers too - believe me) easily pick up residual energy.  Think of it as psychic lint.  It hangs on, coloring your outlook on life and making you feel shabbily dressed.  A few quick sprays, some focused intent and your good to go, feeling as if your wearing black cashmere, fresh from the dry clearers.

Try a little extra spring cleaning before the Solstice.  After you’ve dusted and moped, smudge your home in what ever manner works best for you.  Bring in brightly-colored flowers, fresh fruit and herbs.  Add white sage or sweet grass candles and create a lovely Solstice centerpiece for your table. Then sit back and welcome the sun.

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