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June 22nd to July 22nd, The Zodiac Sign of Cancer the Crab - "They're All They're Cracked Up to Be"

Rising above obstacles, adventurous and commanding

Cancerians are an extremely complex sign – compassionate, romantic, adaptable and loyal on one hand, yet withdrawn and touchy on the other.  They make great friends and staunch allies. They also live in a shell and seek protection from life's travails by hiding in the cooler, but darker recesses of their minds. Dichotomy, much? A Cancerian’s home is their sanctuary. It shelters them from the stresses of the outside world whether that home is a man-cave, or plushly feathered nest.  Crabs may enjoy socializing, but they enjoy their solitude more. 

The sign of Cancer the Crab is a water, as well as a cardinal sign.  Cardinal signs are any signs occurring at the beginning of each season.  It is the nature of cardinal signs to enjoy starting new projects or ventures.  This is also typical of the Crab.  People borne under the sign of Cancer the Crab also carry yin or, indirect energy.  This energy is more withdrawn than its yang counterpart.  Yin energy will eek its way forward gently, attracting desired outcomes and people into its path.

If you are fortunate enough to become close to a Crab, you will find them romantic, sensitive and very sympathetic to the plights of friends and families.  When a Cancerian loves, they love without reservation – loyally and forever.  In many ways they give sixty percent in a relationship and are content to receive only forty percent in return.  Although their tendency to dream and fantasize about the next new and exciting thing can get waring on their partner. Crabs make great mates for other waters signs (Scorpio, Cancer, Pisces) as well as for earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn).  However, no one is immune from a Cancerian’s moods and touchiness.  The dark side of Cancer the Crab is the stuff of legends. (I am a Scorpion married to a Crab – very happily but, at times there’s lots of sparkage. Not necessarily a bad thing).  When Crabs start to brood the best thing to do is to let them retreat.  They may have a hard exterior, but they are very soft inside and easily hurt.

Cancer the Crab is ruled by the Moon (tarot’s High Priestess–intuitive and introspective) and they have an innate sense of timing and intuition as a result.  Their ruling tarot card is # 7, The Chariot (adventure-loving and persistent).  There’s a marvelous creativity in Cancerians, whether it be writing, performing, or crafting something by hand.  (My husband is building a forty foot sail boat) Crabs must have a creative outlet no matter how steeped in tradition they may be personally.  Creativity helps them stave off their moodiness. On the job they use their innovative, intuitive side to great advantage.  They are consistent and persistent in both goal setting and achievement, often subtly making the difference between a venture’s success or failure.

Cancerians have rich, deep personalities.  They will continually intrigue and surprise you. Their withdrawn nature can make them difficult to understand, but they are truly worth the effort.  


Note:  As much as you edit, typos still happen and I made a beauty on my last blog entry, "Full Strawberry Moon in Perigee."  For some reason I decided to type the Sun ruled Cancer, instead of The Moon.  I've corrected it and apologize to all those who thought I'd lost my mind.  Well, you may still be right on that one.


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