Tuesday, May 14, 2013

When the Glass is Empty, Stay in the Moment

There are days when you get up with the best intentions of remaining positive and like the driver in "The Chariot," rise above the fray.  You never expected to stumble out of your door to find your chariot has a flat tire. There you were focusing on your goals, getting ready for your day and suddenly you discovered that your glass is not only half empty, but that gremlins had drilled a hole in the bottom of the little sucker to drain away your peace of mind, your hope and your enthusiasm.  You thought your efforts made a difference, no matter how slight and now staring at the bottom of the glass, you feel foolish, even bereft for your assumptions.

Unfortunately there is no reset button in life and you often have to muddle through as best you can.  I'm particularly fond of the expression, "Begin as you mean to go on."  There's a certain amount of bluster implied in that statement, but sometimes bluster is exactly what you need to find your way through a particularly trying period of time.  Start by holding a positive attitude - the type of attitude born of a positive outcome.  This is the mindset you must create before you attempt to resolve the issues at hand.  Commit completely to your course of action.  Be the moment, because if you are in the moment you are no longer anywhere near the fray.

Your end goal is clear skies, full sails and brilliant sunshine and you won't find them hanging out in The Doldrums (No, seriously. The Doldrums is a real place. Check this out! ) Even if your forward momentum has been reduced to one baby step at a time, you're still going somewhere.  Visualize the end result of your accomplishment - whatever your particular brand of sunshine happens to be.  How does it feel?  What does it smell like?  Where are you and what are you wearing when everything you wish for comes about?  Now press the mental 'back skip' button.  Think about various steps you took to get you where you are in your vision of your future self.  Never concentrate on the obstacles you faced in your imagined journey.  Concentrate on the feeling you had each time you surmounted a problem.  Cue yourself to respond with a burst of positive energy when you reach a stumbling block. Don't get lost in potential fear of an imagined moment.  That's a trap you can all too easily spring on yourself.  Remember the lesson of tarot's # 18, The Moon.  Stay on the lighted path and don't be pulled into the anxiety-producing shadows around you.  Before you know it, you'll be back on course with fair winds and following seas.


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