Friday, May 24, 2013

Appendix - Full Flower Moon, May 24th/ 25th - Tarot Cards and Planetary Hook-Ups for Meditation and Contemplation

Here are some tarot card references for the planets and signs involved with tonight’s Full Flower Moon and penumbral eclipse.  As you know, we have lots of expansive energy swirling around us right now.  This is great stuff when properly channeled.  My personal picks for best energy to draw during meditations right now are: 

Jupiter in Gemini - always about amazing expansion and growth, but here with a nice sociable kicker

Saturn in Scorpio - okay, there are challenges, but this is also a very resourceful and insightful energy in use; 

Mars in Taurus - for perseverance (9 of Wands) and 

Mercury in Gemini - here we have home court advantage because Mercury rules Gemini and the wit is quick, light-hearted and very charming. 

The tarot cards for the major cosmic players are a snapshot life well-lived.  Check it out:

Moon - #2, The High Priestess - Intuition and unconscious thought, mystery

Mercury - #1, The Magician - Conscious, directed energy, focused intention 
                       (#1 and #2 - got some yin and yang right here)

Venus - #3, The Empress - Abundance, fruition, natural order and fertility

Jupiter - #10, Wheel of Fortune -  A turning point, fate takes a hand

Mars - #16, The Tower - Sudden and unexpected change, release

Saturn - #21, The World - Fulfillment, expansion and integration 
                                         (See! Great opportunity!)

Gemini - #6, The Lovers - Relationships and values

Sagittarius - #14, Temperance - Balance between your worlds, as well as the spiritual and the material          

Scorpio - #13, Death - Transformation, end of one cycle, beginning of another

Taurus - #5, Hierophant - Faith, identifying with a group belief, or spiritual value

As another point of interest, here are the signs we’ve discussed and there ruling planets:

Gemini - Mercury

Sagittarius - Jupiter      

Scorpio - Pluto and Mars

Taurus - Venus     

Now you not only have the framework, but the weft and the warp threads that make up the cosmic fabric.  Draw on the various energies around you during your mediations to balance yourself.  Watch for the cards patterns that appear in your readings.  Above all, enjoy your discoveries about yourself and your relationship to the world around you.


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