Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Full Flower Moon, May 24th - 25th, 2013 - Adventure, Romance and a Penumbral Eclipse

The actual date for this month’s Full Moon changes according to your time zone.  In England the moon is full on May 25th at 4:27, GMT/UT (Greenwich Mean Time, or Universal Time) and in New York, it’s full at 12:24 a.m. EST, also on May 25th.  Here in the Pacific Northwest, however, our Flower Moon comes into full blossom at 9:24 p.m. on May 24th.  (Here's a link to the annual Portland Rose Festival - also 5/24/13! )

May’s Full Flower Moon occurs at 4 degrees and 8 minutes in Sagittarius and promises to be adventurous and fast-paced.  Sagittarius, like Gemini, is known for mental acuity, but depth wise, these signs are at opposite ends of the spectrum.  Sagittarius is a high-minded, intuitive sign.  Gemini likes their wisdom to be quick and amusing, but without much substance.  What both of these signs have in common, though, is an adventurous streak and lots of social energy.  It’s little wonder they are so powerful in opposition - Moon in Sagittarius and Sun in Gemini. Take time to brush up on your banter and your current events before this weekend.  Naps wouldn’t hurt either.

Lunar eclipses focus on relationships, the beginning and ending of cycles and on finding balance between extremes.  Intuitive Sagittarius may ask if your relationship is all you wish it to be, while liberated Gemini, playing host to Venus, may tell you to act on your flights of fancy. Emotions run high during the eclipse and Venus is both care-free and flirtatious under Gemini’s influence.  Sagittarius, who also appreciates visceral experience, seeks adventures that have less chance of blowing up in your face.  Strive to balance these polarities during the Flower Moon.  Also remember that an eclipse in extremely powerful two days before and three days after the actual event.

Jupiter and Mercury are visiting Gemini as well during this eclipse.  Mercury, the planet of communication gives us the chance to be open and honest with our friends and partners.  It also gifts us with a silver tongue, perfect for charming or persuading those around us.  Jupiter puts a capital ‘A’ in adventure, easing our way socially and intellectually in a variety of situations.    

May’s Full Flower Moon has something for everyone.  It has the chops for magnificent abundance work, adventure, social and romantic opportunities, with just a dash of perseverance from Mars in Taurus.  You could say that Saturn in Scorpio and the Uranus Pluto Square are waiting in the wings to throw the proverbial bucket of cold water on us, but I don’t think so.  Both of these configurations love portents and challenges, but when you think about it, all they are really asking us to do is stay present in the moment, to pay attention and be genuine.  If something feels hinkey, it probably is, so act accordingly and steer clear. that's good advice anytime.   Go out and have a wonderful Full Moon weekend.  Stay present in the moment and enjoy.


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