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March 20, 2015, New Moon in Pisces Ushered in By Total Eclipse – "Determining Hype From Fact and Golden Opportunity"

From "The Wildwood Tarot" ©
by Mark Ryan, John Matthews
and Will Worthington - The
We have a lot going on tomorrow, celestially speaking.  Not only does the Vernal Equinox arrive at 3:45 p.m. PDT (22:45 UTC) here in the northern hemisphere,  (SEE blog:"Spring Equinox, March 20, 2015" ) but we have the added benefit of a New Moon in Pisces occurring at 2:36 a.m., PDT and a planetary reboot brought about by a total solar eclipse  at 12:30 a.m., PDT. This is taking spring cleaning to a whole new level, folks.

Most of us are going to miss the visual effects of the solar eclipse, because the Moon's shadow sweeps across the northern most part of our globe. Greenland, Iceland and the Arctic get a great show, a complete blackout. Sweden and Norway gets about a ninety percent visibility of the eclipse, but as we drift further south to the Mediterranean area, the impact drops to about forty percent.   

Our planet powers down and then reboots during an eclipse just
The Empress, also from
"The Wildwood Tarot"©
like shutting down the grid in "Jurassic Park." No, not really. It's nothing that dramatic. If you choose to meditate during an eclipse, however, you may sense a certain stillness, a quietness coming from the planet during the event itself and then a burst of clarify energy as the shadow passes. It depends on how proficient you are at mediation.  If you don't feel it this time, keep working at it and eventually you will. This lunar eclipse is part of a tetrad, a set of four lunar eclipse occurring within two years.

The culprit of March 20th's solar eclipse is our New Moon in Pisces.  This New Moon is what it currently classified as a 'supermoon.' That's probably because most people can't remember the word, perigee, which is the term used to indicate the Moon is traveling in an orbital path closest to Earth.  Lady Moon influences the ocean tides and while there will be a stronger pull from the Moon on our planetary waters, it will be no more so than what occurs naturally during these combined circumstances.  Tidal ebbs and swells will be slightly larger, that's all.   
From "The Wildwood Tarot"© by
Mark Ryan, John Matthews and
Will Worthington - The High
Priestess, Lady Moon's card.

The real story for this Vernal Equinox it New Moon in Pisces, herself.  New Moons are about recommitting to our goals and creating a fresh start for ourselves. They are also about seizing new opportunities. Pisces Moons are the best next to Moons in Cancer. Piscean Moons are creative, inventive, mysterious and they heighten our psychic perceptions.  Pisces is ruled by Neptune and Jupiter. Jupiter is the planet of expansion and New Moon in Pisces expands our concept of ourselves and our options.  Neptune bring out mysterious depths we've yet to explore.  A Pisces Moon is the moon of artists and dreamers and this New Moon on the Spring Equinox is a powerful Moon for reinventing your life. Watch for heavy emotional tides during the dark of the Moon as well as when  she turns 'new.'

During the weeks between now and the Full Moon on April 4th, you're going to hear a lot of hype about 'blood on the moon' and other portents of doom.  If you've followed this blog for any amount of time, you know my feeling on that sort of thing.  Don't look for portents in life, look for energetic patterns and learn to see them as opportunities.  The Universe wants you to succeed, to grow and flourish.  It's elements in mankind who have a vested interest in keeping you afraid and frozen in self-doubt.  Use the cosmic events of March 20th to push your boundaries outward. Dare to dream and define a plan that supports your goals. Reach for your destiny and claim it.


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