Thursday, March 12, 2015

Mercury Moves to Pisces, March 12th While Saturn goes Retro March 14th – "Well-Chosen Words and Patience Yield Big Results"

There are times when each of us takes up the practice of oral podiatry, or in other words, the time honored custom of putting ones foot in ones mouth.  That’s when we must endure those awkward silences while others stare at us in disbelief and we long to smack our palm repeatedly against our foreheads. Luckily, we are periodically granted a reprieve from verbal idiocy when Mercury transits Pisces.

Mercury is our planet of communications and rules both
The Moon is tarot's association for
Pisces from RWCS deck,
US Games® version
Gemini and Virgo.  Geminis are superb communicators, while Virgos add clarity and organization to the mix.  When Mercury moves into the realm of Pisces, however, our ability to communicate bumps up to an intuitive level and depending on how prominently Mercury figures in our birth chart, we have an instinctive advantage on how best to present ourselves in both spoken and written formats.  The right words will simply find us if we let them. Mercury remains in Pisces until April 14th, so take advantage of this opportunity to sell your ideas, tell your stories and speak persuasively with strength of purpose and with compassion.  

On March 14th Saturn, the hall monitor of our solar system, goes retrograde.  Saturn’s job is to teach us by presenting challenges for us to overcome.  These tests are meant to inspire us and help us rise above and go beyond our self-imposed limits. They are  not meant to break us. Think about #7 in tarot’s major arcana, The Chariot, whose driver rises above the obstacles in his path.  Saturn currently resides in Sagittarius the Archer who specializes in seeking the truth. His pursuit is eventually rewarded as he comes to recognize the greatest truths and fully understand their complexities.  Archers have a great ability to focus and that requires insight and discipline.  Saturn’s challenge to us in the house of the archer is to learn patience.  

Saturn retrograde offers us the opportunity to reflect on the
Kris Waldherr's stunning depiction of #21,
tarot's card for Saturn. From
"The Goddess Tarot"© 
lessons we’ve learned, to take the wisdom we’ve garnered from our choices and internalize it.  This process serves to expand and enrich our lives.  After all, Jupiter, the planet of expansion, rules Sagittarius. Saturn goes direct in Scorpio on August 2nd, where it teaches us the lesson of using our power wisely, with discretion and to avoid gossip, both incoming and outgoing.

The tarot association to watch during these transits are #1, The Magician (Mercury) #18, The Moon (Pisces)  #21, The World, (Saturn)  #14, Temperance, (Sagittarius) and #13, Death and Transformation (Scorpio).  You may also find that #7, The Chariot (rising above and overcoming obstacles) and the 7 of Wands (holding your ground, or defending your position) have special significance in your readings, so pay attention.
Work proactively with the energies surrounding these celestial events and you will set the tempo for a sweet spring and summer.



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