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March 16, 2015, Uranus Pluto Final Square – "The Square Deal"

Ever notice that Uranus' glyph looks
like the starship, Enterprise?

Complacency feels good in small doses, but a steady diet of it bogs us down and prevents our growth, both personally and globally. That’s the warning that comes along with tarot’s wish card, the 9 of Cups. As Shakespeare wrote, “The sweetest honey is loathsome in its own deliciousness.” The Universe, always a great one for shoving us out of our comfort zone, decided that two planetary bodies would form a square every few decades and shake up the social and political mores of our humble planet.  As you’ve probably guessed, I’m talking about the Uranus Pluto Square.

Uranus in Aires and Pluto in Capricorn began making a series of square formations back in 2012. On Monday, March 16, 2015, at 7:53 a.m. PDT, the final, exact squaring of Uranus and Pluto for this three year cycle occurs as both planets move to a position of fifteen degrees and eighteen minutes within their host signs and at a ninety degree angle to each other.  We’ve felt the ramp up for this planetary configuration all month, not to mention having felt the effects of Uranus and Pluto’s tandem movements for the past three years. We’ll continue to feel their effects for the rest of the year, but the greater implications of their effect on this period in history (2011 to 2017) may not be understood for at least another decade. 

The squaring of these astrological powerhouses has been
Note that Pluto, that planet of transformation
has a new glyph, but my keyboard
can't show you.
observed and recorded throughout human history.  Genghis Khan swept through Mongolia under this configuration. These astral bodies witnessed the Reign of Terror (1793 to 1794) and the rise of Napoleon during the 1792 - 1794 square.  Hitler was declared chancellor of Germany when these two planets danced together in 1933 and they heralded the social upheaval and discord of the mid 60’s, as well as the escalation of the Vietnam War.

Deva Padma's wonderful depiction
of "The Fool," Uranus' tarot card,
from OSHO Zen Tarot©
Uranus is the planet of revolutionary energy and broad, sweeping change on a societal scale.  Aires is the warrior, the harbinger of the new, the bold and exciting.  It also carries a “me first” energy that does not compromise well.  Pluto is the planet of transformation and spiritual growth. Capricorn’s energy  focuses on intention and a strong commitment to goals. It likes organization and the restructuring of existing systems is just fine, as long as that restructure agrees with Capricorn’s vision.  The ram and the goat – forceful and stubborn. 

During astrological events that are considered profound we must ask ourselves, “What comes first, the chicken, or the egg?” Do occurrences such as the Uranus Pluto square cause the upheaval we’ve witnessed during the past three years, or are we guilty of merely pulling out historical events that support an astrological perspective? To use another egg-shaped metaphor, “It’s six of one, half a dozen of another.”  We live in a time of radical extremism on all sides of the square and no one side is guiltless of promoting their own agenda heedless of cost no matter which perspective you take. 
The critical difference with this Uranus Pluto square is that
Pluto's tarot association, #20, Judgment
as depicted by the amazing Kris Waldherr in
"Goddess Tarot'©
we’re no longer confined to using swords and spears, or even buzz bombs to reach our respective goals.  Nuclear weaponry changed the face of aggression seventy years ago and we all became the proverbial children living in a tinder box playing with a lit match.  

As we dance on the edge of potential extinction, we also dance on the edge of greatness. That’s the dichotomy existing in our species. We enjoy technical marvels and tremendous breakthroughs in science and medicine. When we collectively apply our human brains, we come up with solutions to age-old problems. It is important to remember while we look at the shadows we must also remember to look for the light. Of the two, light is the stronger and it is what shows us our path during the darkest of times.


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