Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Astrology For September, 2014, Part 1 – “A Question of Balance”

Tarot's card for Sagittarius is "Temperance"
a reminder for balance this month.
From "Legacy of the Divine Tarot"©
by the amazing Ciro Marchetti

September is a time for us to seek and find our personal balancing points. On September 2nd Mercury gives us a focused and diplomatic frame of mind as it enters the realm of Libra, Sign of Balance. Mercury, ruled by the sign Virgo, is represented by the tarot card, “The Magician.”  This card teaches us about the power of creative energy wielded through conscious, directed thought.  The elements of earth, air, fire and water are blended through The Magician’s skills.  He is an informed mind balancing and transforming nature through the sheer strength of his will.  That’s a pretty heady image to kick off September’s astrology. It’s also extremely accurate. During Mercury’s stay in Libra we can likewise use our own of knowledge, coupled with focused intent to realize our goals.

Mercury’s magician receives an extra boost of creative energy on September 8th from Full Moon in Pisces.  Put your natural artistry in gear September 5th through the 10th.  Use Mercury in Libra to ground the Moon’s emotional components while you let that mystical and creative lunar energy flow.  I’ll have more information on working with Full Moon in Pisces later this week.

On September 5th, Venus swans into Virgo where she turns
The Magician represent the planet
Mercury. This depiction is "The Shaman"
from "The Wildwood Tarot"©
by Mark Ryan, John Matthews beautifully illustrated
by Will Worthington
sincere, yet somewhat nit picky.  The goddess of love finds nice, emotional depth in Virgo where she is also artistic and creative in her own right. The thing to watch out for during this transit however, is Venus’ tendency to focus on small details about the people she finds attractive, details that in the scheme of things, don’t carry significant weight about a potential relationship. In fact, too much attention to small details obscures the big picture and masks some glaring deficiencies in current heart throbs.  Access Mercury’s energy to help you choose wisely.

Mars, the warrior leaves the transformative lessons of Scorpio behind him to move into Sagittarius on September 13th.  Tarot’s association for Mars is “The Tower.”  The Tower represents the winds of change that sweep into our lives causing momentary chaos, but also bringing with them unexpected opportunities.  Mars in Sagittarius heeds the call to bold adventure. Our inner warrior is all energetic, visceral experience, spontaneously seizing life.  He is also honest, but without much of a filter to his speech.  Whatever Mars perceives as truth about a situation comes directly from gut to his mouth.  Sagittarius’ tarot association is “Temperance” – a good reminder to balance all things.  Again, focus on Mercury in Libra’s diplomatic energies to counterbalance Mar’s lack of finesse.

From Kris Waldherr's stunning deck
"The Goddess Tarot"© come this depiction
of The Fool, Uranus' tarot card.
Also on September 13th we have Mercury in Libra in opposition to Uranus in Aires. This adds a strong, breakthrough energy to the days just before and just after the 13th.  If you are struggling to learn new skills, or adapt to new systems expect a helpful push from this configuration.  Uranus in Aires is about “out of the box” thinking that takes us beyond conventional pathways into new and progressive territory.  Meditations during this time yield answers to your inner most questions, as well as reveal some startling insights. There’s a certain amount of impulsiveness with this energy, but by now you know the drill – use Mercury to balance that impulsivity.  

This is only the astrological trends for the first half of September.  We also have an Equinox, a New Moon and Sun in Libra coming our way.  Great stuff.  I’ll talk about those things later, but for right now work with our lessons in balance to ensure a productive month.


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