Monday, August 25, 2014

August 25, 2014, New Moon in Virgo – “A Fresh Start and Self-Determination”

This Monday morning, at 7:13 a.m., we birthed a New Moon
The Hermit represents Virgo, living
its truth. This card from "Steampunk
Tarot"© by Barbara Moore and Aly Fell
in Virgo.  ( You may have felt that ol’  dark of the Moon last night - I did. See blog:
 “I Feel a Dark Moon Rising” )  New Moons establish a new tempo for the lunar cycle ahead. They provide a fresh start and this one says clear the clutter.  New Moon in Virgo gives us an opportunity to sort out what serves us in life, to cast off what doesn’t, and to put our remaining resources to work for us. Virgo Moons move us forward because they like practical application and routines becomes our happy place.

The Moon represents the emotional component in our lives and Virgo does a nice job of balancing that energy with analytical thinking because Virgo thinks through feelings. It analyses events and people, particularly now while Mars is conjunct (same place, same time) with Saturn in Scorpio. Conjunctions are about new planetary cycles and this one works well with New Moon in Virgo. Saturn in Scorpio analyses people, then runs a mental checklist to determine if they fit in the resource, or the recycle category.  The decision is not arbitrary. Saturn in Scorpio is also insightful and where Mars in Scorpio is a goal-driven warrior style of energy, Saturn in Scorpio in more circumspect. 

The High Priestess represents
Lady Moon - this is the US Games®
RWSC version
This New Moon in Virgo is an excellent time to start a new project, whether it’s work related, or simply something creative and fun.  Neptune opposes our Virgo Moon and softens Virgo’s obsession with nit-picky details and perfection.  Neptune’s dreamy influence also eases the Virgo Moon’s tendency towards fretting.  

This New Moon directs us to set things in motion.  It’s a great kickstart as we wrap up the summer and prepare to return to our more formal autumn schedules.  Think about what serves you, what you wish to take with you on the next leg of this year’s journey, and what you would be wise to leave behind.


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