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September 8, 2014, Full Harvest Moon in Pisces – “A Moon of the Imagination”

September’s Full Moon is called the Full Corn Moon, but this
The Moon, tarot's card for Pisces
by "Shadowscapes"© by Stephanie
Pui-Mun Law and Barbara Moore
year it has the designation of being our Harvest Moon as well. The title of “Harvest Moon” is given to the full moon closest to the Fall Equinox, which occurs on September 22nd.  This year September’s full moon occurs fourteen days before equinox while October’s full moon occurs sixteen days afterward. Good to know, huh?

This year’s  Harvest Moon occurs on September 8th at 6:38 p.m. PDT, in sixteen degrees and nineteen minutes of Pisces.  It is a moon of compassion, spirituality, great intuition and above all, imagination.  Full moon in Pisces enflames of our creativity. It is idealism coupled with romance – a moon that asks us to view the world and its occupants with unvarnished optimism.  That may not always be the wisest view, but it is one that consistently entertains positive potential.

The High Priestess as depicted in
MMark Ryan, John Matthews and
Will Worthington's fabulous deck,
"The Wild Wood Tarot"©
Pisces is a mutable water sign meaning that people born under its influence (either as a birth sign or one featured prominently in their chart) can change their nature to match their environment, or to match the people around them.  Fish folk are highly intuitive and empathetic. This full moon, coupled with Mercury in Libra’s (See blog: Astrology for September 2014 Part 1) penchant for balance and diplomacy, allows us bridge gaps between ourselves and others.  If your job requires the use of diplomatic skills and empathy, Monday should be a particularly productive day for you.  

Venus in Virgo also gives a power boost to our creative side during this full moon.  Pisces’ idealism helps us move past our self-limiting behaviors to listen to our intuition and let our creativity flow. Venus, strongly positioned right now in Virgo, is the essence of creative energy.  In tarot she’s represented by The Empress, who is the very embodiment of abundance and creation.

The things to watch out for during this full moon period is the
The Empress is tarot's association for
the planet Venus - the essence of
creative abundance From "Steampunk Tarot"©
by Barbara Moore and Aly Fell
‘thin skinned’ effect from Pisces  emotional makeup rising to the surface, and our heightened empathy and intuition with those around us.  Keep your boundaries with others firmly in place. When you feel overwhelmed take a moment to determine whose emotions you're actually feeling – your own, or someone else's.

Full Moon in Pisces is a gift to our spirit.  It is dreamy and mystical just like Pisces ruling planet, Neptune.  September's full moon is a time for fresh awareness and for tapping into our own creative process.  Enjoy this lunar period and make something magical happen.



Void begins: Sept. 7th @ 10:20 a.m. PDT
Void ends:    Sept. 7th @ 4:48 p.m.   PDT
Void begins: Sept. 9th @ 12:11p.m.  PDT
Void ends:    Sept. 9th @  4:34 p.m.  PDT

For more information on what the term 'void of course' means, see blog "A Void is a Void, of Course, of Course"

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