Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Astrological Trends for June 2014 – “Dreams of the Spirit”

The Magician is tarot's card for Mercury
representing conscious thought, or the
active mind. Seen here from "The Wizard's Tarot"©
by Corrine Kenner and John J. Blumen

June is the month for planetary retrogrades. Take three, they’re small.  See blog: “Mercury Retrograde, Tarot and You”  for a definition of what a retrograde cycle actually is. June 7th, Mercury starts its retrograde in Cancer and then slip-slides back to Gemini on June 17th. Neptune begins its retro-fitting journey in Pisces on June 9th and last, though still influential, Chiron turns retrograde in Pisces as well on June 20th. There is a central theme for this month and it is dreams of the spirit.

Mercury Retrograde in Cancer asks us to halt for a moment and carefully consider any communications we receive pertaining to financial matters. Don’t forget to check those pesky emails from your bank that signal low balance alerts, or God forbid, the dreaded, “your account is overdrawn” email.  No, Mercury Retrograde in Cancer doesn’t make you short of cash, but it can create miscommunications in the financial area.  Listen to your voicemails and read your emails particularly if you have various and sundry financial deals in the works.  Don’t assume that everything is taken care of just because it’s happening under someone else’s watch.  On June 17th Mercury drifts back to Gemini, its home sign.  Mercury in Gemini is a quick mind and a quicker wit.  Although Mercury’s retro period may leave you feeling as if you hit a wall during your mental calisthenics, simply remember to rethink your ideas and recalculate the outcome twice and issues will eventually resolve themselves.  Follow the rules for Mercury retrograde and keep them holy. 

Pisces figures prominently in this month’s astrology and in a
#12, The Hanged Man is tarot's card for Neptune.
From "Shadowscapes"©
by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law
very exciting way.  Neptune, exalted in its home sign of Pisces, goes retrograde on June 9th.  Unlike drifty Mercury, Neptune remains in the sign of the fish for its entire retrograde period.  In it to win it.  Pisces is the sign of dreams, intuition, spirituality and creativity.  Likewise, Neptune is the planet of dreamers and the higher self.  Here’s the exciting part.  When Neptune goes retrograde it acts as a touchstone for our spirituality.  In Pisces this effect is magnified.  We more readily identify ourselves as members of one species – humanity.  We grasp the idea that faith is not something to simply be given by rout, but a thing that needs to be examined.  The results of our queries push us to the point where faith is validated as our truth and therefore becomes unshakeable.  Expect to see a spiritual reawakening for yourself and others during Neptune’s retrograde cycle which lasts until November 16th.  

Lady Moon herself symbolizes
the sign of Pisces. From "The
Wizard's Tarot"© by Corrine Kenner and
John J. Blumen
Neptune retrograde in Pisces is an excellent time to examine your dreams for clues about yourself and the world around you.  Read up on basic dream symbolism. (See Blog: "Dream Symbolism – I Know I Was Wearing Pants When I Left The House" )  Start a dream journal. What do your dreams want you to know?  Use the super charged spiritual energy of this June to connect to your higher, intuitive self and open the pathway that connects you to the Devine. Let yourself find the path that speaks to you.
The third retrograde of the month is Chiron in Pisces.  Here we see the same theme of creativity and spirituality, but this time coupled with Chiron’s healing energy.  Look for deep and powerful meditations this month that transform your old patterns.  This month is geared towards facilitating lasting changes in your life.  Remember Pluto is also in retrograde now, prompting you to ask the big questions about your relationship to Source and your responsibility to your fellow man.  Not easy stuff, granted, but all part of the wonderful spiritual shift coming this month. You don’t have to force your reawakening, just let it happen. Enjoy it.

On June 11th Jupiter in Cancer goes sesquiquadrate to
#5, The Hierophant is shown as Chiron,
the wounded healer in "Wizard's Tarot"©
Neptune in Pisces.  That’s a mildly adverse aspect or 135 degrees between the two planets.  This aspect won’t cause too many waves, but it will juxtapose the material bounty of Jupiter with the spirituality of Neptune.  If anything it will prod us to come to terms with any conflicts between our material world and our higher self.

On June 13th we enjoy a Full Moon in Sagittarius and on 27th, a powerful New Moon in Cancer.  I’ll have more on those later this month.  In the meantime, use June’s rich Piscean energy to deepen your meditations, expand your spirit and enrich your life.


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