Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Crystals to Enhance June’s Retrospective Perspective

Calcite adds focus and balance to the
Mercury Retrograde mind

Mercury entered retrograde last Saturday and Neptune followed suit on June 9th.  Chiron also goes retrograde in Pisces on June 20th.  See blog: “Astrological Trends for June, 2014   for more details. June is a month of dreams, dreamers and spiritual connection – with lots of intuitive energy layered in for subtext.  With so much high vibrational energy streaming through our crown chakra and third eye it’s important to keep those areas clear and balanced during June’s retro triple header (don’t forget Pluto is also in retrograde). Using specific crystals to ground our energy enhances the gifts (yes, I said gifts) from this month’s retrogrades. Working with various crystals during meditations or by carrying them with you will clear your higher mind and lighten your heart.

Mercury’s quick mind becomes calmer and gains focus by using calcite – a particularly useful tool during retrograde.  This stone comes in a variety of colors (blue, yellow, orange, pink and red) and is said to increase memory, rekindle our motivation and assist us in sorting through information uploaded to our senses. Calcite sharpens our perceptions and helps decide what information is worth acting upon and what we should ignore. Calcite carries a strong, stabilizing vibration that induces serenity. It’s a great stone for meditation.

Celestite is a high vibrational stone linked to Divine energy. 
Rainbow Moonstone shown here in a variety
of jewelry heightens intuition and empathy
Though not an uncommon crystal, it is fairly expensive.  Celestite comes in various colors (blue, red, yellow and white) and reportedly lifts the vibration level of the area surrounding it, as well as the vibration of the person who carries it. This stone assists in out of the body journeys such as astral travel, or meditations involving other realms. It also boosts clairvoyance and dream recall. Celestite is a stone of artistry and is highly beneficial for anyone wishing to connect to their creative Muse. Remember that dreams and creative energy flow from Neptune and Pisces.

Iolite is a stone for the third eye.  It’s a deep, violet-blue in color and increases our ability to visualize, as well as promoting our self-knowledge.  Iolite is a stone of shamanic vision, psychic knowledge and inner journeys.  It acts like a set of jumper cables directing cosmic currents that revitalize our auric field.  Like Celestite, Iolite also facilitates meditative journeys to other realms.  

Danburite is one of my favorite higher vibrational stones because it is readily available and carries a lot of bang for the buck. This stone comes in a variety of colors (white, pink, yellow and lilac).  Danburite activates the third eye and crown chakra, opening them while simultaneously engaging and aligning the heart chakra. This crystal stimulates both intellect and higher consciousness, helping us draw insight and guidance through meditation. Danburite also facilitates lucid dreaming – a significant property while working with June’s dream energy.

Moonstone is also a great stone for lucid dreaming. This milky-white stone with flashes of iridescence is connected to the lunar cycle and works strongest during the Full Moon.  It instills calmness, promotes psychic abilities and empathy.  Moonstone jewelry is fashion with a purpose.  I often wear it during tarot readings because of its soothing effect and its ability to spark intuition.  Moonstone is strongly connected to the planet Neptune and therefore also connected to Pisces.

Aquamarine, also carries the Neptune, Pisces connection.  Who didn’t see that one coming?  It is a beautiful blue-green color.  Gem quality aquamarine is very expensive, even in smaller pieces.  However, it is so worth it.  This stone clears away mental chatter and quiets a busy mind.  It opens lines of communications (Mercury Retrograde) with yourself and those around you.  It draws out your ability for self-expression and it is a wonderful choice for meditative work.  If you could afford a large enough piece you could use clear aquamarine as a scrying stone to tremendous effect.  In amplifies clairvoyance and intuition, yet shields your auric field. Definitely a heavy hitter stone.

Ametrine, a blend of amethyst and citrine
is a powerful stone for the crown chakra
and one of my favorites. I keep a ready supply!
There are many other crystals you can use with great success this month: labradorite, ametrine, amethyst, fluorite, pearl, alexandrite – the list goes on.  Use the crystal tools mentioned in this blog alone, or by combining them in a grouping that feels right to you.  Remember to also include good grounding stones in the mix like, jasper, smoky quartz or alexandrite.

June’s retrograde pattern is less challenging and more liberating than you think.  Work with this natural cosmic flow and you’ll see what I mean.  Above all, have fun!


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