Thursday, June 27, 2013

Mercury Retrograde, Tarot and You - An Update for June 2013

Mercury's ruling tarot card,
The Magician from Corrine Kenner's Wizard's Tarot©
The astrological theme for June has been communication and Mercury, the planetary ruler of communications has been camped out under the sign of Cancer this month.  Many of us received messages from our higher selves insisting we get rid of our baggage and get serious about establishing meaningful dialogues with ourselves, our co-workers and in our personal relationships as well.  For those of us who've listened and worked hard to clear the channels, the Universe, in a master stroke of irony, developed a litmus test for the end of this month.  Mercury Retrograde.

If you're not familiar with Mercury retrogrades, I'll take a minute to explain.  Each year as Earth orbits the Sun, it overtakes Mercury three to four times.  When we pass Mercury, it creates the optical illusion that Mercury is actually reversing it's orbit.  This optical illusion is a metaphor for the mishaps and misstatements that punctuate our lives during this period.  Mercury goes into retrograde on June 26th until July 20th.  Afterwards, we have only one more Mercury Retrograde period to deal with this year.  It runs from October 21st to November 10th.

Have you tried planning a fun, last minute get-away this week
Cancer the Crab's ruling card,
The Chariot from Corrine Kenner's, Wizard's Tarot©
only to find your reservations have become a big, red, tangled ball of yarn?  Has your computer or smart phone suddenly refused to function for no particular reason?  Did your carefully worded text or email ignite a volley of controversy?  Welcome to the joyless pit of Mercury Retrograde - bad communications, emotional quagmires and missed connections.

This month's Mercury Retrograde may be a breeze, but on the other hand, we're still feeling the effects of our Super Moon on June 23rd.  If you had a rough patch during the Full Moon it may be continuing, but don't despair.  There are several quick fixes you can do to get things back on track.

The key to a successful Mercury Retrograde is preparation.

1) Know your yearly retrograde dates, relax and breath into them.  Meditate more often.
2) Keep you expectations low during this time, both personally and professionally.  Try not to enter into new contracts or negotiations.  Don't decide to have air-clearing discussions with friends and family.  
3) Remember your  "R" words.  Renew, revisit, rest, re-plan, re-figure, renovate.  Things that are already in progress can benefit from a Mercury Retrograde revision.  Those are safe to do.
4) Keep your favorite tarot deck handy and plenty on sage and sweetgrass incense about for cleansing as needed.  Swords caution you about over-thinking or living in your head.  Cups point out over-indulgence of angst.  Pentacles keep your feet on the ground and Wands remind you to revise ('r' word) your game plan.

Follow these steps and while life won't necessarily be a breeze, it will be much easier. And if all else fails, invest in a vat of liquid smudge.

Lady Oracle

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

June 22nd to July 22nd, The Zodiac Sign of Cancer the Crab - "They're All They're Cracked Up to Be"

Rising above obstacles, adventurous and commanding

Cancerians are an extremely complex sign – compassionate, romantic, adaptable and loyal on one hand, yet withdrawn and touchy on the other.  They make great friends and staunch allies. They also live in a shell and seek protection from life's travails by hiding in the cooler, but darker recesses of their minds. Dichotomy, much? A Cancerian’s home is their sanctuary. It shelters them from the stresses of the outside world whether that home is a man-cave, or plushly feathered nest.  Crabs may enjoy socializing, but they enjoy their solitude more. 

The sign of Cancer the Crab is a water, as well as a cardinal sign.  Cardinal signs are any signs occurring at the beginning of each season.  It is the nature of cardinal signs to enjoy starting new projects or ventures.  This is also typical of the Crab.  People borne under the sign of Cancer the Crab also carry yin or, indirect energy.  This energy is more withdrawn than its yang counterpart.  Yin energy will eek its way forward gently, attracting desired outcomes and people into its path.

If you are fortunate enough to become close to a Crab, you will find them romantic, sensitive and very sympathetic to the plights of friends and families.  When a Cancerian loves, they love without reservation – loyally and forever.  In many ways they give sixty percent in a relationship and are content to receive only forty percent in return.  Although their tendency to dream and fantasize about the next new and exciting thing can get waring on their partner. Crabs make great mates for other waters signs (Scorpio, Cancer, Pisces) as well as for earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn).  However, no one is immune from a Cancerian’s moods and touchiness.  The dark side of Cancer the Crab is the stuff of legends. (I am a Scorpion married to a Crab – very happily but, at times there’s lots of sparkage. Not necessarily a bad thing).  When Crabs start to brood the best thing to do is to let them retreat.  They may have a hard exterior, but they are very soft inside and easily hurt.

Cancer the Crab is ruled by the Moon (tarot’s High Priestess–intuitive and introspective) and they have an innate sense of timing and intuition as a result.  Their ruling tarot card is # 7, The Chariot (adventure-loving and persistent).  There’s a marvelous creativity in Cancerians, whether it be writing, performing, or crafting something by hand.  (My husband is building a forty foot sail boat) Crabs must have a creative outlet no matter how steeped in tradition they may be personally.  Creativity helps them stave off their moodiness. On the job they use their innovative, intuitive side to great advantage.  They are consistent and persistent in both goal setting and achievement, often subtly making the difference between a venture’s success or failure.

Cancerians have rich, deep personalities.  They will continually intrigue and surprise you. Their withdrawn nature can make them difficult to understand, but they are truly worth the effort.  


Note:  As much as you edit, typos still happen and I made a beauty on my last blog entry, "Full Strawberry Moon in Perigee."  For some reason I decided to type the Sun ruled Cancer, instead of The Moon.  I've corrected it and apologize to all those who thought I'd lost my mind.  Well, you may still be right on that one.


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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Full Strawberry Moon At Perigee, June 23, 2013 - Super Trooper

The Moon from Corrine Kenner's
"Wizard's Tarot," illustrated by
John J. Blumen

If you’ve been checking out the web for information on this month’s Full Strawberry Moon, you’ve may have heard the term, “Super Moon” bandied about. Although Super Moon may sound more like the title of a cheesy disaster movie, it actually refers to the Moon at perigee, or more commonly, the closest point to Earth during the lunar orbit.  The Moon reaches perigee four to six times per year. On June 23rd at 7:32 a.m., EDT, our Full Strawberry Moon will be at perigee in 2° of Capricorn.  What makes this Full Moon so super is that this will be the closest the Moon will be to Earth until August, 2014.

The Strawberry Moon occurs two days after Summer Solstice while the Sun still appears to be at a standstill over the Tropic of Cancer. (See blog: “Get Ready, Get Set, Get Solstice”) Our Sun is in the sign of Cancer on the 22nd, opposite a Full Moon in Capricorn.  A Capricorn Moon runs a little cooler than some moons, its energy a little more withdrawn and self-contained.  This is not bad with the over-abundance of crab energy out there.  The house of Cancer the Crab is ruled by the Moon and the downside to the crab’s energy is that it can become very touchy, even volatile.  

Full Moons bring fruition both romantically and materially.  June’s Full Moon will be like riding love’s roller-coaster.  Venus is parallel with Mars on June 21st and 22nd, giving us quite a build up for the 23rd.  The romantic highs and lows could be fast and furious under the Strawberry Moon. Even if we’re reasonably certain where our relationships are headed we could find ourselves unexpectedly tossed in the opposite direction.  Luckily, Moon in Capricorn draws power for handling challenges through Saturn, Capricorn’s ruling planet. The Goat naturally strives for success in a variety of areas under the Moon’s influence and this should temper Cancer’s effects on our emotions.  Despite a swiftly changing emotional landscape however, the next couple of weeks can be extremely passionate and romantic.  Just stay grounded and remember June’s recurring theme of creating more authentic communication in your life. 

Speaking of communications, Mercury remains in Cancer until August 8th and the Full Moon intensifies our mission to explore deeper levels of knowledge. This is also the last push to solidify our communications skills before Mercury Retrograde begins at the end of the month, so pay attention.  Saturn in Scorpio helps us remain pragmatic and if we allow it, we’ll be guided to release issues and habits that no longer serve us.

This is an important Full Moon and its effects will be with us for a while. It will be an excellent time for healing, abundance and prosperity work, as well as setting magical intention.  However, it’s very important that both you and your space are grounded and cleared before you attempt working with this powerful Moon’s energy.  A little effort goes a long way.  Ground yourself and enjoy the mystical connection between Earth and sky that is June’s Full Moon in Capricorn.


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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Tis the Season to Be Smudging - Welcoming Summer

Vision Quest Tarot ©
by Gayan S. Winter and Jo Dose'
Smudging is an ancient, time-honored art for clearing your environment of negative energy and unwelcome entities.  It crosses all cultural barriers.  Native Americans burn wreaths of sweet grass, cedar and sage, Catholic priests wave burners of incense before their processions and Celts burn wheels of maze and herbs.

At the end of this week we have a convergence of sorts.  The summer solstice arrives on June 21st and a powerful Full Moon occurs in 2 degrees of Capricorn on June 23rd.  The notorious Uranus Pluto Square also pours its high voltage, but volatile energy into the mix.  It’s hardly the time to get caught with energetic clutter in your personal space.  We have all this universal flotsam and jetsam flowing around us and if our spaces, as well as our auric fields are clear, we get to harness wonderful lunar and solar energy to move our lives forward and promote personal growth.  And that my dears, is why it is the season to smudge.

Many people prefer the traditional ways of smudging - a lighted rope of sweet grass or a bundle of sage - but there are many good alternatives to traditional smudging techniques.  There are ones that don’t make the neighbor who happens to drop by unexpectedly think that you are chain smoking pot.  Smudging sprays are space cleansers for the new millennium. No smoke laden air, or clothes, no fear of sparks igniting the pile of shoes at the bottom of your closet and no fear of DEA agents mistakingly crashing in your door because of a bogus tip.

Clearing sprays combine sacred essence of oils, usually sage and cedar, with pure water and focused intent.  Sometimes the person creating the smudge spray will add particular resins or chips of crystal to give the specific kick necessary for the desired results. When created correctly, these powerful cleansers have Pine Sol™ beat eight ways to Sunday.   

Smudging sprays are a fast and effective way of clearing your own energy field of negativity.  Intuitives and empaths (tarot readers too - believe me) easily pick up residual energy.  Think of it as psychic lint.  It hangs on, coloring your outlook on life and making you feel shabbily dressed.  A few quick sprays, some focused intent and your good to go, feeling as if your wearing black cashmere, fresh from the dry clearers.

Try a little extra spring cleaning before the Solstice.  After you’ve dusted and moped, smudge your home in what ever manner works best for you.  Bring in brightly-colored flowers, fresh fruit and herbs.  Add white sage or sweet grass candles and create a lovely Solstice centerpiece for your table. Then sit back and welcome the sun.

Monday, June 17, 2013

June 21, 2013 - Get Ready, Get Set, Get Solstice

The term 'solstice' comes from the Latin word, solstitium. It literally means 'the Sun's stopping point.' Sol - the Sun, and stitium - to stop.  On June 21st, the Sun reaches its northern most point for the planetary year. The Sun will be directly over the Tropic of Cancer and for the three days following Summer Solstice, it will appear stationary before beginning its south bound journey towards the Autumn Equinox.

In the Northern Hemisphere, this Friday, we'll experience the maximum amount of daylight possible for our global position. We'll have more time for following earth-friendly pursuits as well. Picnic, hike, re-cycle - whatever you wish, but take this opportunity to really think about our life-giving Sun. Sunlight nourishes us and one of the best things you can do for yourself to celebrate the Solstice is to build meals around fresh fruits and vegetables.  Watch sunrises and sunsets this coming weekend and marvel at the mystical precision our Source established to sustain life on this planet.

Astrologically, as well as energetically, we have the mother lode building up for this coming week (You might want to locate your parachute and crash helmet for this one). We not only have the Sun's move to Cancer during the Solstice, but we also have an extremely powerful Full Moon in Capricorn on June 23rd. (More on this Moon later this weekIf you'll remember, Mars in Gemini is still delivering drive this month while Venus and Mercury are checking out life within the sign of Cancer.  The need for more evolved and effective communications skills ramps up during this coming week.  Communication is the theme for June.  (see Astrological Trends for June 2013, Part 1 & 2Jupiter moves into Cancer on the 25th.  Remember the stationary three days after the Solstice?  Jupiter in Cancer is fun-loving and prosperous.  Bask in the rays that promote your goals and give them real growth potential.  

We celebrate life's growing season during the Solstice. We should also celebrate our own chance grow by nourishing ourselves in mind, body and spirit. On the 21st, celebrate your connection to divine Source energy and to each living thing on this planet.  And don't forget your sun screen.  


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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Sabian Symbols - Post Modernism Meets Astrology

Most of us like our astrology straight up with no chaser.  Give us a sign, some planetary influences and we’re good. Oh, and keep us away from the proverbial rabbit hole, because we’re not going in there. However, life gets pretty monotonous when you only consider it from one angle.  Ask our friend the Hanged Man.  Astrology’s Sabian Symbols give us something new to consider and they are definitely a view from the rabbit hole.  The twelve houses, or signs that make up the Zodiac each contain thirty degrees. There is a total of 360 degrees in a circle, or in this case, the wheel of the Zodiac. Sabian Symbols mark every degree of that wheel – all 360 of them. 

In 1925, astrologer Marc Edmund Jones teamed up with
One of my Sabian Symbols,
children in Halloween costumes playing pranks
famed clairvoyant, Elsie Wheeler for a day of fun-filled astrological channeling. Before the sun set on their work day, Wheeler had channeled visions symbolizing each degree of the astrological wheel. These symbols, named for ancient Sabian alchemists who lived in Mesopotamia, are not hieroglyphs from a long dead language. They are the phrases Elsie Wheeler used to describe the allegorical images she saw in her visions.  Each Sabian Symbol is meant to describe a particular trait, or energy held by a degree within the Zodiac wheel. Sabian Symbols are among the most widely regarded symbols used in astrology. 

The Zodiac calendar begins on March 22nd in the first degree of Aries and continues through the year, arriving back at March 21st, at 30 degrees, Pisces. Each day has three Sabian Symbols attached to it.  For example,
February 11th contains degrees 21, 22, and 23 of Aquarius.  Here are the symbols:

21 - A woman disappointed and disillusioned, courageously facing a
       seemingly empty life.

22 - A rug placed on a floor for children to play on.

23 - A big, trained bear sitting down and waiving all it’s paws.

Welcome to the rabbit hole.  Random much? If we simply read the Sabian Symbols they do appear disjointed, but if we look at the traits they represent, it becomes another matter entirely. The person of February 11th has the courage to look inside themselves (21) and see past the illusions they’ve constructed in their life.  This person understands the framework of a child’s imagination because that creativity, wonder and joy still lives within themselves (22). They may feel stagnated by the confines of their life occasionally (23), but they still find joy in the moment.  

Sabian Symbols add a different dimension when you consider astrology.  They are intriguing and thought provoking.  Read, learn and enjoy the rabbit hole.


Friday, June 7, 2013

June 7, 2013 - "Gentlemen, Start Your Engines (Gentlewomen Too!)"

The Magician - Conscious, directed thought
June 7, 2013 breaks down to the numbers #10, Wheel of Fortune and # 1, The Magician.  If this isn't a thunk on the head from the Universe, I don't know what is.  Timing is everything and on the day before the New Moon in Gemini, (see previous blog) we have been given the reminder to get ready, get set and hit go with the lunar cycle. 

Tarot's #10, The Wheel represents the beginning of tomorrows new lunar cycle.  Pretty good timing, wouldn't you say?  However it's not only the presence of # 10 in today's date that's significant.  Today's date, 6+7+2+0+1+3 = 10 in numerology, but also reduces (1+0=1) to #1, The Magician.  The Magician is the lighting rod of universal energy within the tarot deck.  He not only draws down the elemental forces, but he directs them as well.  He commands and creates with conscious thought and sheer force of will.  By assuming responsibility for where his thoughts go, he is in partnership with Source to co-create his
The Wheel of Fortune - A change in circumstances, new cycle

Today we have the opportunity before a significantly powerful New Moon to decide what path we wish to take in restructuring our lives.  In order to move forward with positive results, we must first identify the things we want to create instead of identifying the things we don't want to create.  No simple task.  Affirming what we truly want is not the natural order for us.  Logic often dictates that we achieve the right answers or conclusions by using the process of elimination, or what we don't want.  This is a hard habit to break, but in order to draw what you do want, you must stay focused on what your ideal world looks like to you.

Take the time today to tell yourself all the things you want in your life: Health, love, family, friends, excitement, forgiveness, financial gain - whatever.  By affirming the positive you will be able to take on the role of The Magician and create more of what you desire into your life.


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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

New Moon in Gemini - June 8, 2013, "Communication Is Key"

The High Priestess - Intuition, the  Moon

In life everything carries both yin (female) and yang (male) energy.  These are not oppositional forces, they compliment each other and the very nature of one depends on the existence of the other.  We refer to the Moon as Lady Moon and use her mysterious female energy to celebrate the divine feminine within all of us. The Moon is no exception to the duality in nature.  Each New Moon phase marks the beginning of a new cycle in life. It’s here at the beginning of the Moon’s journey where we find evidence of the yang, or masculine energy coupled with the feminine yin. The New Moon is a time to commit to new directions and projects - to start afresh. It’s a time to take that first step.

On June 8th the New Moon appears at 11:56 EDT, in 18 degrees, 1 second of Gemini, the Twins. Gemini carries a vibrant, social energy and our Gemini New Moon continues this month’s theme of communication. The 8th presents an opportunity to assess how you express yourself to others and change the things that aren’t working for you. This New Moon asks us to consider something we too frequently ignore in life - listening attentively.   We have two ears and one mouth.  June’s New Moon asks that we use each one equally.  Communication is often about using words sparingly and therefore using them to greater effect.

June’s astrology is challenging our communications skills not only in fact, but also in a philosophical way this month.  The intentions you set this New Moon should reflect that challenge.  Listen with both hears open for the incoming messages from your family, friends and colleagues.  Internalize the message and then respond appropriately rather than simply letting old patterns guide your way. The
Justice - universal fairness, karma
Major Arcana cards for June 8, 2013 are, #2, The High Priestess and, #11, Justice.  The High Priestess is the Moon’s card and speaks to us about using our intuition while, #11, Justice sends a message about fairness and karma.  Listen fairly and remember that in karma, what we give comes back to us threefold.


Sunday, June 2, 2013

Part 2 Astrological Trends for June 2013, - “The Main Event”

Tarot's card for Venus,
The Empress

We took a look at June’s amazing retrograde energy in the blog, “Astrological Trends for June 2013 Part 1.”  Even though we’ve left fiery Aries and methodical Taurus behind us for the time being, there are still plenty of more subdued energy currents out there that we can use to our advantage this month.  

Venus leaves Gemini on June 2nd and leaves that flirty and fickle energy behind her.  She moves into Cancer feeling a little insecure.  With all that frivolous energy gone, it’s time to rebuild a more secure framework for our partnerships - aka, nest-build. We may start the month feeling a little needy, but soon Venus in Cancer finds her footing and we will feel the flow of a more nurturing energy that will encompass not only our partner, but our friends and extended families as well.  

While Venus encourages us to let our creativity flow, Mercury
Tarot's card for Mercury,
The Magician
in Cancer heightens our intuitive communications.  Those who express their creativity through the written word will see an uptick in their productivity (Hooray!) during the first part of the month.  Will everything you write be brilliant?  No, but to borrow a metaphor from Dorothy Parker, bleed on the page as much as you want.  Mercury in retrograde (June 26th to July 20th) will give you the opportunity to re-tool your efforts.

Mars in Gemini continues to delivers the kick we need to stay focused this month.  Mars and the Twins have a marvelous versatility to them.  Where alone, Mars is the warrior, we see the combination with Gemini creating a dynamic formula: Thought + Action = Achievement. Mars will not let grass grow under the feet of type ‘A’ personalities this month.  Once you reach the achievement stage, you will move quickly to the next equation. Start ups and new stock enthusiasts take heed. Mars in Gemini can make fortunes turn on a dime for those savvy and courageous enough to act.

Tarot's card for Jupiter,
The Wheel of Fortune
Jupiter moves to Cancer at the end of the month. Can I get an Alialujah from the kids in the back?  Jupiter in Cancer is sublime.  In Cancer, the red giant is fun-loving, humorous and good with money.  Jupiter will stay in Cancer for the next year and we will be able to see the ideas we’ve set in motion in early 2013 grow and bear fruit.  This is a prosperous energy.  Jump on it starting with Mars in Gemini (May 31st to July 13th), but use a little more caution during Mercury Retrograde.

Our New Moon on June 8th is at 18 degrees, 1 second Gemini and I’ll have more information on that later this week. On June 23rd our Full Moon will be in 2 degrees and 10 seconds Capricorn.  There might be some white caps on the energy waves with that one.  I’ll keep you posted.  In the meantime remember to take time to do extra meditation this month and to let June’s retrograde periods work for you.  That’s why they are there.


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