Monday, December 9, 2013

Holiday Magic for the Home, Part One – Crystals and Candles

Candlelight adds a sense of magic to every occasion and
none more so than the December holidays.  Whether you celebrate Christmas, Winter Solstice, Hanukah or, Yule you are also honoring life-giving light as part of your celebration and ability of mankind to hold on to hope in times of darkness.  During holiday season, we combine good food and drink with friends and family.  We strive to provide a warm and inviting atmosphere where new memories are made and old ones are shared. 

Peach Selenite - Selenite radiates high
vibrational 'white light' energy. It clears
spaces and gives a sense of deep, inner peace
Using crystals with your candle displays gives a marvelous two level effect.  Crystals don’t merely reflect candlelight and add to the room’s ambience. They also give off vibrations that can ease stress, social anxiety, sadness and help with some of the less pleasant baggage that can appear when families come together. 

Cleansing sprays, smudges and incense (See blog: "Tis the Season To Be Smudging" ) are all well and good pre-party measures for eliminating negativity, but face it, guests get suspicious when you start wafting them with cedar and sage during cocktail hour.  Combining candlelight and crystals subtly keeps an up tempo vibration in any room.  Below are some suggestions to enhance the energy during your holiday gatherings this year.

Danubrite gets a big my big 10-4.  This crystal carries a high degree of spiritual energy.  It assists in emotional healing, halts stubbornness, brings a deep sense of peace and also helps you link to angelic realms during meditation.  Pink Danburite teaches us self-love.  You can pick up Danubrite crystals online anywhere from $1.00 to $25.00, depending on size and clarity. 

Kunzite, the lovely, blush-pink variety, not only enhances intuition and inspiration, but also the concept of unconditional love.  This stone awakens our desire to be of service to others and our sense of humility as well.  Kunzite also offers a key component of holiday magic.  It re-awakens childlike wonder, trust and innocence – something we can all use.  While the cost of gem quality kunzite has increased in recent years, you can still acquire small pieces of rough stone for between $8.00 to $40.00.

Sunstone offers us insights into self-worth and co-
Above: Your basic quartz cluster for spiritual energy
and to the left, ametrine, a mixture
of citrine and amethyst
dependency.  It has been used by energy healers to treat Seasonal Affective Disorder and depression.  The best thing about Sunstone though, is the over-all feeling of delight, or “joie de vivre” that it radiates through a room.  Opaque stones run $4.00 to $10.00, while clear, gem quality stone run considerable more. 

Gold Sheen Obsidian is a lovely balancing stone that emanates compassion for past present and future events.  Scrooge could really have used this one.  It eliminates feelings of conflict and curbs passive aggressive behaviors.  Most pieces offered for sale are smooth finished – either spherical of cabochon cut for jewelry.  Prices run from $2.00 per bead to $45.00 for finished, gem quality jewelry.  

There are many more crystals that can be used for enhancing the holidays: Orange calcite, for are emotional balance and energizing, citrine for prosperity, amethyst for Divine connection, reducing stress and preventing over-indulgence, tiger’s eye for wealth and the ability to distinguish between wants and needs. Also, don’t forget good, old quartz for awakening spirituality.  (See blog: "Crystals Every Person Needs 2 - Claiming Yourself" )

Malachite, a stone of transformation that
balances negative and positive energy
(on of the few stones that its best to use
a polished piece
Let your creativity flow as you decorate with crystals this holiday season.  Keep a couple of things in mind, however.  You don’t have to use large crystals, nor do they have to be gemstone quality (for jewelry). Crystal rough works just fine and adds a wonderful, earthy sparkle.  Combine a variety of pebble-sized crystals around white votives or candle pillars. Be sure to include crystals with grounding energy in your mix like agates, cat’s eye chrysoberyls, bloodstone, or smoky quartz. High vibration stones can shake things up energetically, so it’s important to promote grounding energy and eliminate as much negativity as possible.  Try a candle and crystal centerpiece at your holiday table and let the good times flow.

The Holidays are never complete for me without "Christmas With Crystal," a video featuring one of my favorite comedians, Peter Zias.  If you're  fortunate you can catch him at The Groundlings in LA, or see his one-man show. Enjoy!


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