Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Shining Trine – Jupiter Trine Saturn Goes Exact on December 12th

#21, The World is the tarot card
for Saturn. This wonderful imagery
is from "The Wizard's Tarot"©
by John J. Blumen and Corrine Kenner

Everybody loves a trine – especially when it’s between uber expansive, Jupiter in Cancer and ultra transformative, Saturn in Scorpio.  A trine, you may recall, is a very agreeable aspect, or angle of 120 degrees between two planets (or other astrological bodies). This particular trine delivers expansive, life changing energy – a very beneficial pick me up at the end of the year.

Saturn in Scorpio gives us the opportunity to make transformative changes as we navigate life’s hurdles.  Its objective is to teach us, not break us down.  Jupiter, on the other hand, is the planet of expansion. While this friendly giant resides in Cancer, we receive bountiful gifts that provide opportunities in our lives. Jupiter is in retrograde now, but here’s the thing about Jupiter retrograde.  The planet’s influence merely slows down and refines itself into choice nuggets of opportunity that will still find their way into your life.  This retrograde period offers us the chance to catch our breath, evaluate our position and make course corrections before the planet goes direct again in March of 2014. 

Jupiter and Saturn play very well together.  On the 12th you
Jupiter's tarot card is #10, The Wheel
From "Steampunk Tarot"© by
Barbara Moore and Aly Fell
can expect to find renewed vigor for your job and your personal projects.  A spark ignites in you that causes you to brush away the cobwebs from old habits that have aided you in the past and led to major successes in your life.  Follow your instincts.  You have someone to be and Jupiter trine Saturn wants to help make that happen.

Lest we think this is going to be all cheesecake and Primo Amore Moscato©, remember that the challenge part of Saturn still expects us to examine the parts of our lives that aren’t working so well.  Do we hear the word, accountability? Because this trine features the water signs, Cancer and Scorpio, you can bet the majority of our homework will focus on emotional wellbeing.  That means emotional baggage, uneven relationships and boundary issues, to name a few items.  If you’re still wrestling with emotional baggage it’s time for you to at least downsize to a carry-on.  

#18, The Moon is tarot's card for
the sign of Cancer. From
"Shadowscapes" by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law
and Barbara Moore
The main perks of a this trine are going to be a boost in your enthusiasm, your willingness to shoulder additional responsibility and your renewed efforts in pursuing your goals.  The biggest benefit for you under Jupiter Trine Saturn, however, is to receive acknowledgment for your efforts from those in command.  This may not bring immediate reward, but with your renewed enthusiasm for life, true rewards will come sooner rather than later.

The next couple of days are yours to saver.  Make some significant promises to yourself.  Get the jump on 2014 in terms of attitude and setting benchmarks.  Most of all remember to rise and shine like the star your are.


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