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December 2, 2013, New Moon in Sagittarius – “The Art of Manifesting”

We’ve talked a lot about clearing our emotional and mental
#10, The Wheel of Fortune
The tarot card for Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius
From Stephanie Pui-Mun Law's and Barbara
Moore's "Shadowscapes Tarot"©
decks in preparation for the power burn at the end of 2013.  Now it’s show time.  On December 2nd at 4:22 p.m. PST, the New Moon in Sagittarius arrives.  What’s so special about this particular New Moon? Optimism and luck for starters. Being in the right place at the right time.  New Moon in Sagittarius is one of the best moons of 2013 for easy manifesting and plain dumb luck.

This month Sagittarius baths Lady Moon in fast-paced, positive energy.  All of us (but most particularly those with Sagittarius in our birth charts) will be surrounded by fiery, upbeat power surges that push us to not only get involved, but to get going as well. Turn your eyes to the horizon this month and look for the next big opportunity coming your way. It’s there. During December’s lunar cycle, our vision will be clearer, our wit, sharper and our actions, while perhaps spontaneous, will be Divinely guided.  

There’s an art to manifesting and Sagittarians have it down
#14, Temperance is the tarot association for Sagittarius
Aly Fell and Barbara Moore's "Steampunk Tarot"©
pat.  Manifesting is literally like breathing for them because Sags stay focused in the moment better than most of us.  December already has an intense spiritual core as we all celebrate the natural order of life through a variety of wonderful, time-honored beliefs.  Sagittarius carries the energy of the spiritual philosopher (See blog: “Sagittarius the Archer”).  Archers are highly optimistic. They don’t see barriers, they see opportunities.  Work with this positive boost this month, particularly if you’ve been pulling the 8 of Swords (self-restriction) in your readings lately.  This is a perfect opportunity for you to push your boundaries, pull off the blindfold and step on out.

RWCS 8 of Swords shows
the illusion of self-restriction
US Games ©
Jupiter, the Santa Claus planet, (perfect for this month, don’t you think?)remains in Cancer and while Jupiter is still in retrograde, there are still plenty of perks to go around from this planet’s naturally expansive energy.  Where you might find that you have to watch your holiday dollars a little more closely, which is good advice any time, you’ll still have a fantastic holiday season. Explore the new, the different, even the offbeat.  Lights shine a little brighter this year, wherever and whoever you’re with.  Experience is the keyword this month because Sagittarius is never about things.  For them life is one big visceral experience.  Focus on people and events, not the number of shiny packages.

Put a list of your goals and desires together during the next couple of days.  Remember that goals must be specific, realistic and attainable.  They must also be yours, not someone else’s.  Once you have your list focus on it several times a day, but with one major difference.  Envision the items as if they have already occurred and you are already experiencing whatever it is you seek.  Don’t say to yourself, “When I get to Paris I’m going to be so excited.” Instead say, “Here I am in Paris and the lights on the Champs-Élysées are so beautiful at night that they steal my breath. I walk along the Seine and tears fill my eyes at the magic of being here. I’m so grateful to be here with all these marvelous sights and smells – even the traffic noise is amazing.”   Present tense brings your goals into reality, people.  It works like a charm. 

This month’s lunar cycle in Sagittarius is a gift to you from the
7 of Pentacles is an excellent focal point for
manifesting meditations, RWCS, US Games©
Universe and a golden opportunity for you start manifesting ( 7 of Pentacles, self-perpetuating harvest) the fruit of your own potential.  Work with Sagittarius’ energy and you’ll see amazing results.


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