Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Transcending the Ego - “The Power of Simply Existing”

#1, Existence from the
OSHO Zen Tarot© by
Deva Padma

Ego is both a Latin and Greek word meaning ‘I,’ or ‘self.’  Ego is also one of the layers that Freud defined as part of our psyche, or mental make up.  Spiritually, we are advised to surrender our ego to attain a truly enlightened state.  Dr. Wayne Dyer often uses the acronym, Edging God Out for his definition of ego consciousness.  He contends, as do most spiritual philosophers, that we close ourselves off from our ever-present link to Divine consciousness, as well as to our link with all living things when we view our life experiences solely through the lens of our own ego. 

Linda Jane Becker, in her book, “Living With Soul,” describes the healthy ego as an internal device designed purely as a safety mechanism.  Becker defines the ego’s function as one of assimilating information about our environment and in dangerous situations, activating our sense of self-preservation to help us avoid harm.  She states that when we depend solely on the
The Source from the
OSHO Zen Tarot© by
Deva Padma
ego to judge and guide our actions however, we pull life through the filter of our mind instead of through our heart.  By doing so, we trap ourselves inside our own perceptions of how life should be lived, rather than actually experiencing the life surrounding us. 

Our relationship to our ego-self often feels like the relationship between a behavioralist and a lab rat.  Our ego conditions us to react to certain situations with set responses much like a rat is conditioned to push a lever and collect a food pellet.  Gratification, or validation.  When we allow the ego to train us, we stand at a metaphorical food bar all day, every day, continually pushing that lever to get the same reward – a
#22 Beyond Illusion from the
OSHO Zen Tarot© by
Deva Padma
feeling of rightness and a sense of who we are as defined by what we have.  When we step away from the need for validation, we allow our hearts to open to the power of the Divine.  Make the effort to reconnect to your spiritual self today.  Use the path that is the most familiar and effortless for you and enjoy your journey.


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