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July 23rd - August 22nd, Leo, the Lion - “Walking With Pride”

Leo's ruling tarot card, #8 Strength
Steampunk Tarot©
by Barbara Moore and Aly Fell

It is said that pride is a sin and that it ‘goeth before a fall.’ However, when you look at a typical Leo, you don’t see pride in the negative sense of the word.  You see self-assurance and a steadfast commitment towards creating something better in life.  For Leo that doesn’t necessarily mean having more, or having the best.  Lion people generally seize opportunities that make things better for all concerned.  They recognize life’s inequities and make a whole-hearted commitment to fix them.

Leo is the fifth sign in the Zodiac’s wheel.  It is a fixed sign connected to the element of fire.  In layman’s language, this means that Leo is consistent and dependable.  The element of fire makes them idealistic, passionate and energetic.  The sign of Leo the Lion carries male energy and as a result, Leos appreciate direct action and plain speech.  They have little tolerance for ego-driven, mean-spirited people.

Lions are hard workers. Granted, they love their down time, but you should stand clear when they decide to act.  They are natural leaders; both idealistic and confident in their resources.  Leos don’t give up easily on the people or situations that are important to them. They are, by no means, fair weather friends and often assume responsibility for everything in their world and in yours too, if you let them.  Leo
The Sun rules Leo and #19, The Sun
rules the Sun - Barbara Moore and Aly Fell's
Steampunk Tarot©
is ruled by the Sun which lends a particular glow, or magnetic mystique to their leonine natures.  You yearn to be invited to their parties and to bask in their light.  Naturally, their gemstone is the luscious, rich ruby.

Although outwardly confident, Leos harbor insecurities just like anyone else.  The difference is that lion people feel the fear and do it anyway - whatever ‘it’ happens to be.  
Lest you think Leo the Lion is the most perfect sign in the Zodiac, think again.  Off center, ungrounded Leos are arrogant, boastful, pompous and selfish.  They can be easily flattered and therefore are easy to manipulate.

Lions love amour.  They give much in terms of loyalty and adoration to their mates and likewise, they expect much in return.  They deal best with other fire signs such as Leo, Aires and Sagittarius.  Their opposites, Gemini and Aquarius also stir their heart strings.  Moody and sexual Scorpio brings about a glorious and sometimes frightening clash of will and passion.  Boy, howdy – keep a fire extinguisher handy for that one.

Tarot’s #19, The Sun rules Leo’s governing celestial body – the Sun.  Handy, huh?  In tarot, the Sun means greatness, vitality and self-assuredness.  Pretty much sums it up for Leo, doesn’t it?  Leo’s ruling card is (of course) #8, Strength.  That’s probably why the classic depiction shows a maiden soothing a lion through compassion and understanding.  Power through, never power over.  That’s Leo for you.  Leos are complex and extreme, but here’s the thing.  Leos are never by nature, dull.

Here's a YouTube link to Bruce Cockburn perform "Wondering Where the Lions Are," recorded live at KINK Radio's Bing Lounge.  KINK has been helping to keep Portland weird for many years!  


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