Friday, September 7, 2012

Astrology Watch - September 2012, Shebang!

The word on the web amongst astrologers this month is, Shebang!  Although opinions vary on whether the cosmic winds blow fair or foul, there's one thing all astrologers agree upon regarding September's astrological forecast.  We've got some power going on out there folks.

The Sun and Mercury are on a road trip through Virgo right now.  Mercury, who also happens to be Virgo's ruling planet, governs the mind and communications, much like the suit of Swords does in Tarot.  What we are currently seeing is Virgo's attention to detail and analytical thinking, supped up by Mercury's intensity.  The Sun and Mercury are conjunct on September 10th, lending us a quickness of mind.  This mental agility comes in handy when dealing with complex endeavors.  Those of us who've planted conceptual seeds and nurtured them carefully throughout the summer saw our first seedlings pop up at the end of August.  We began to act upon our ideas.  Now is the time to take the next step.  Transplant your ideas into a larger pot.  (Okay - totally done with the gardening metaphors now) However, stay practical in your approach. Remember:  Analyze and pay attention to the smallest details.  Let the Virgo/Mercury mix guide you.

On September 6th, Venus enters Leo.  Behold the lioness.  She hunts.  She stalks.  She comes in for the kill.  Feminine energy runs high this month and guess what?  It runs straight into Mars in Scorpio.  Shebang, remember?  This square sets the stage for high drama is relationships, whether personal or professional.  We have particularly quick-minded lionesses circling their kill, not so certain they want to give any portion of it to the lion.  And she's probably singing Aretha Franklin's "Respect" as she hunkers down for her meal. Oh, she's just a tad bit territorial.  Lions, bolstered by Martian influences and being who they are, don't  understand why they are not being given their due.  In turn, lions might wish to retreat into their caves - a desire that should be honored.  Ladies may feel under-appreciated during this square and men may not understand why.  Hopefully you dusted off your copy of "Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus" in June ( see blog Strawberry Moon) as I suggested.  It's still one of the best relationship books out there and very timely this month.

Mercury leaves Virgo on the heels of the New Moon and enters Libra on the 16th.  Libra is about balance and we will begin to see a turn from cool, analytical communications towards a more genial, diplomatic approach.  The Major Arcana card for Libra is # 11, Justice.  In Tarot, Justice is about karma and fairness.  Be sure that what you've put out into the Universe this month has been fair.  Otherwise, you know what we say about karma.

We are continuing to pull power from the Uranus - Pluto square.  Individually, as well as collectively, we can get out in front of this energy and use it to release old concepts and welcome new ideas.  Again, this energy allows us to explore our individuality.  Our biggest advances as a civilization are built on the backs of just this sort of exploration.  Instead of asking 'why' our greatest innovators have always asked, 'why not.'  Step out of the pack.  Sure, it's not as safe.  Self-determination can be a scary thing.  But look at it this way; it's harder to hit a moving target.

We have the Equinox on September 22nd.  Can't you just smell the cider?  And this month's Full Moon is in Aries.  I'll be touching on these events later this month.  In the meantime, my key phrase for the month is 'self-determination.'  You are the sum total of what you choose to put into your life.  No more, no less.  No one has the right to determine your reality but you.  September is your month, the cosmic influences yours to do with as you choose.   You can step out and determine your course, or try to stay put and let yourself be tossed about on the winds of change.  Remember, though, you're not really alone.  We're all out there with you, regardless of where and how we live.  We are all connected and the fate of one has an impact, direct or not, on us all.  We can move forward together.

Below is a list of Tarot cards and corresponding planets and signs.  Consider the lessons in these cards as they appear in your readings this month, or use them as focal points for mediation.  Enjoy!


Uranus   # 0   The Fool     (makes sense in term of Uranus Pluto, doesn't it? A new journey of the soul.)

Pluto     # 22  Judgment    (rebirth. Uh huh, see what I'm saying?)

Venus   #  3  The Empress

Mars     # 16  The Tower

Moon   #   2   The High Priestess

Sun      #  19    The Sun

Virgo   #    9     The Hermit

Libra   #   11    Justice

Aries   #     4    The Emperior

Scorpio  #  13   Death


  1. Great Post! I always enjoy reading your posts. This one gave me extra hope for the next month! And excited for Fall!!!

    1. Thanks Lindsey! I'm so glad you're reading them! <3