Monday, August 6, 2012

August Astrology Watch - 2012

We've bid farewell to August's full moon in Aquarius, and though our Lady Moon wanes, we still have lots of energetic pizzaz from the other cosmic events this month.  Mercury leaves retrograde and turns direct on August 8th.  Keep in mind that you can still suffer a 'hangover' effect from retrograde such as a few missed communications and a more sluggish mental attitude for the three or four days prior to Mercury's turn, or for the three or four days afterward.  Generally, it's nothing a couple of quiet evenings with a good book and your favorite music can't fix.  As always, meditate to ground yourself.  Concentrate on tarot's Four of Wands.  Four is a firm foundation, numerically and the card denotes celebration and freedom - sort of joyously taking your show on the road.

As you will recall ( you will if you read my retrograde blogs) once Mercury turns direct, it's time to start implementing the changes and new ideas you've been pondering and revising since July.  July's Uranus and Pluto square gave us the opportunity for unparalleled growth, both in our personal lives and on a planetary scale.  During retrograde we had the space and time to revise, redesign and recommit to our new goals and ideas.  The energy from Jupiter's transit, coupled with Leo's love of self-expression, adds a massive boost to our confidence and ability to dream big right now.  You could easily find yourself believing that sorting wildcats is a valid career choice.  And it might be.  Just consider that any career opportunities or life changes you make still need careful thought and preparation.  They also need to be grounded in reality.  Again, and I can't say this enough, get your homework done before the 8th because we're looking at a great breakthrough opportunity after retrograde and your goals can take a tremendous leap forward.

On August 9th, Venus trines Neptune ( this means that their aspect is at 120 degrees - very favorable) and love is in the air.  Where love definitely feels a little magical, there are also some practical considerations going on.  Contemplate the tarot card the Two of Cups.  A man and a woman hold their loving cups, however the only thing they have to offer each other is the actual contents of their respective vessels.  Each person must decide for themselves if the contents of their partner's cup is really what they truly want from a relationship.

Mars flexes his muscles a little on August 11th as a precursor to his move into Scorpio on the 23rd.  Wives and mothers may find themselves battling 'Mama Bear' syndrome on the days leading up to the 23rd - their protective and territorial instincts coming to the forefront.  In the work place, ladies will take a more assertive, possibly even aggressive stance defending their ideas.  If it gets too intense and you're in danger of over-playing your hand, focus on Major Arcana's # 8, Strength.  Remember, power flows through natural channels. Never over-power by forcing energy where it shouldn't go.  Keep your vibration level high.  By the 23rd, however, Mars is firmly at home in Scorpio and all of us can take advantage of its particularly intense focusing energy to create dramatic effects in our lives.  Harness your passions, use Mar's fuel to focus your energy, take aim and achieve.

Other reminders for this month:  Don't forget to take the opportunity to enjoy the Perseid Meteor Shower on August 12th.  I'll post more on that later this week.  There's nothing like watching cosmic fireworks to put life in perspective.  Last, and most excitingly, we have a Blue Moon coming to us on the 31st.

Have a terrific August!


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