Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The First of August's Full Moons - "The Sturgeon Moon"

This year August has two full moons.  The first full moon of the month, coincidentally on the first day of the month, is called the Sturgeon Moon.  Have you every seen a Sturgeon?  It looks like a leftover prop from a pre-historic sci-fi movie.  Sturgeon don't have scales.  They have a series of armor-like plates called scutes.  They live at the mouths of large rivers, in the muddy bottoms and are more plentiful during the month of August.  Makes you want to stay out of the water, doesn't it?

Sturgeon grow to unbelievable lengths.  The largest one ever caught came from the mouth of the Volga river in 1736.  The fish was twenty-eight feet in length and reportedly tipped the scales at 4,570 pounds.  Imagine the mountain of potatoes they peeled to make the french fries.  The buckets of tartar sauce alone stagger the mind.

Our full moon of August 1st is at ten degrees of Aquarius and in opposition to the Leo Sun.  This configuration effects Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius people most directly and people with an Aquarius Sun, Moon or mid-Aquarius rising, most of all.   Still, everyone will feel and benefit from this full moon surge.  Aquarius urges us to break from the status quo and remember playful, spontaneous Leo?  (See blog; "Ramping Up for Retrograde")  Leo laid the ground work this month for new thought patterns and modes of self-expression - artistic and otherwise.  You are an individual.  Celebrate the things that make you unique, even eccentric and let them work for you.

That fire you feel growing in your belly comes from your enthusiasm to get started with new projects.  Where you feared striking out with a new idea before, Leo's influence helps you hone latent leadership skills while transit Jupiter sparks optimism.  Think of the tarot card, Six of Wands.  As always, you must get out in front of this type of energy structure and give it the proper channels to fill.  Aquarius energy can demand you make an immediate change to free up that creative drive, but without a plan, you can be emotionally swept away.  The end results could be tantrums or open warfare.  Respond to your feelings, don't react.

Your current state of enthusiasm for new situations is born from a sense of inner peace, coupled with self-determination - both gifts of the Aquarius and Leo influence.  However, we must remember that we are still in the throws of a retrograde period.  Research, revamp, renew and redesign your projects and intentions so that you are absolutely ready when Mercury turns direct on August 8th.  Contemplate the many aspects of tarot's Eight of Pentacles.

August begins with swift energy currents.  Stay in the moment and stay in control.  You will reap the benefits of your practical approach.  We're gearing up for the Blue Moon at the end of the month and Blue Moons always give us wonderful messages about random chance.  Keep an eye open for being in the right place at the right time.

PS:  August 1st is also Lammas, or the 'Feast of First Fruits.'  Traditionally, bread baked from the first harvested grains of the season were taken to the church for blessing.  A loaf was given to the landlord as a preview of his portion and another might well have been used by the family for magic making.  Lammas fires are great places to reminisce and reflect on the things you’ve accomplish during the year and the things you meant to do, but never managed to bring to fruition.  Revisit. Review. Recommit for next year.  Sounds like a perfect way to celebrate August’s Aquarian full moon.


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