Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Zen of Tarot

"Zen - the philosophy that enlightenment is gained by meditation, self-reflection and contemplation."

Existence, the OSHO© deck's counterpart to
The Magician
Generally speaking, tarot sites and blogs talk about the meanings of card in terms of symbolism and keywords.  That's extremely useful information, but any of us who read tarot consistently know that readings are also about our personal connection to our cards and the connotation that each of those cards holds for us as individuals.  For example, what my cards recognize as a pattern for repressed anger and secrets in a client and what your cards recognize as those traits for the same person, can display differently in the spread because of how our deck relates to us.  Too often the term, "intuitive," becomes a catch all phrase and the bond between a reader and their deck, or decks, gets lost in the shuffle.  Pun intended.  Good readers will convey the same information to the same client, albeit a little differently.

One of the best and most insightful decks on the market is "Osho Zen Tarot."  I refer to it as my bunny slippers deck.  It's my comfort deck when engaging in the not always pleasant work of sorting through personal issues.  Though many prefer the images of traditional Ryder Waite (RWCS) based decks, there are times when the kings and queens are too weighed down by the consequence of their own archetypes.  That's when I head for the colorful and contemplative Osho deck.  Believe it or not, the messages from both decks go hand in hand.  Okay, that's the last pun.  I promise.

Below are some of the keywords for both  #1, The Magician and #2, The High Priestess in RWCS and verbiage from the Ohso card book.  Osho's #1 is, Existence and #2, is Inner Voice.  My take on the lessons portrayed in both cards is printed in italics.

Magician                                            Existence

Action                                               "go outside." "Get out of your head." (Make something happen.)

Conscious Awareness                      "You are not accidental."  (Make decisions with your eyes open.)

Concentration                                   "take time to savior it so it can deepen"  (Set your intention. Focus!)

Power                                               "the whole of existence will miss you." (You have an established 
                                                           place in the Universe that you, and only you, can fill.  This gives
                                                           you great power. Use it productively.)

High Priestess                                    Inner Voice

Non-action                                          "Seek silence and centering within."(Contemplate your path)

Unconscious Awareness                    "wordless language of the heart" (Use your divine intuition)

Potential Mystery                               "an oracle that speaks only the truth." (To truly live is the biggest
                                                             mystery of all.)

Both decks give us the same information, however, the
OSHO's Inner Voice match's The High Priestess
Note the lunar horn head dress
presentations are different.  RWCS offers information to a querent, who seeks to identify his own character through the form of actual archetypes. First, we have a powerful Magician, who through concentrated effort, bends and forms his world to manifest his desires.  Next we have the intuitive and reclusive High Priestess; aligned with the moon and lighting the path of the inner journey.

Osho,  presents the same information without form, as concepts rather than as beings.  #1 is the concept of Existence and # 2, Inner Voice.  The Osho deck offers information to aspirants - seekers who aspire to embrace the concepts rather than specific traits.  Two philosophies, two sides of the same coin.

If you're not familiar with the Osho deck, you can follow this link to my on-line store. Please take the opportunity to look at this deck.  Tarot is a living and evolving form of self discovery.  You can go as far down the rabbit hole as you wish and there will still be more depth for you to discover on your next trip.  Be bold and experiment.  And as Alice said on her jaunt through Wonderland, "Curiouser and curiouser."


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