Thursday, May 31, 2012

Strawberry Moon Forever - June 4th Lunar Eclipse

June's full moon is commonly known as the Strawberry Moon, or by its old European name, the Flower Moon.  Those of us near Portland, Oregon may have heard it called the Rose Moon on occassion.  Handy, seeing as our Rose Festival begins pretty soon.

We've barely caught our breath since May's solar eclipse (see post: May 20th Solar Eclipse - Astronomical Grand Slam) and now the Cosmos is sending yet another event to enliven the month of June.  As with May 20th, there are things you should be aware of and minimal precautions you may wish to take.  We still have a lot of celestial players on the field during this lunar eclipse and here's what some astrologers are saying.

Last time we left our friend Venus, she was in retrograde and preparing to make a transit (travel) across the Sun.  She is the closest she can be to us right now and her influence will be all over the Strawberry Moon.  What is that influence?  L'Amour, my friends, l'amour.   Venus rules love and money and some are referring to the lunar eclipse of the 4th as "The Eclipse of Love."

Mars is direct and in opposition to Venus.  Yes, well, we don't need an astrologer to tell us that, do we?  If you have a copy of "Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus,"  better dust it off.  Word on the web is that you're going to need it.  Where the energy from Venus in fun and flirty, Mars is intense and broody.  The influence of Mars brings passion to Venus' romance, but without much finesse.  Under the minor influence of these two opposing forces you might speak your mind in a less than tactful way, but under a major influence, you could be completely swept away by passion and do something you might seriously regret later.  Passion is a dynamic, yet sometimes terrible force.  Stay grounded.

Relationships are certainly in the forefront during the eclipse period, but that's only part of the story.  Where the solar eclipse last month occurred within the first degrees of Gemini, this lunar eclipse is 14 degrees and 14 minutes into Sagittarius.   Sagittarius challenges us  now to get your homes, businesses and relationships in order.  Weigh the quality, not quantity of your friendships.  Sagittarius's energy makes us long for perfection in ourselves and in the world and people around us.  Depending on whether by nature you're a half full, or half empty sort of person,  you could view things through rose-colored glasses or under the harsh light of criticism.  Don't make big decisions or start major overhauls without carefully thinking them through.  Content yourself to tidy up looses ends at home, on the job and in your life.

The signs of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces still may be the signs most influenced by the lunar eclipse and therefore more influenced by the Venus Transit on June 5th and 6th.  If you feel testy and at loose ends during the eclipse, astrologers warn that those feelings will only intensify during Vensus' journey across the sun.  Opinions differ on what to expect, however, most agree that traditional battles between the sexes could heat up and that we should all guard against making snap decisions or harsh judgments.  Some sites even advised against spending time with people who'd been drinking due to the influence of Neptune on over-indulging.  Rolling in the deep, I guess.  Stay close to home.  The good news is that the effects of both the eclipse and the transit will be over by June 8th.

So relax, meditate and remember that a lunar eclipse is also a powerful time to concentrate on prosperity and manifestation.  Email me your questions.


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