Monday, May 28, 2012

Meditation and Tarot

Why is it although we know the benefits of regular meditation we choose to do something else, like play Angry Birds, or watch reality television?  Meditation lowers our blood pressure, diminishes stress and rejuvenates our body.  We meditate for any number of reasons - the physical benefits certainly, but also to gain inner peace, or solve problems by quieting our mind and allowing the answer to unfold.  As my friend Linda Becker says, "Meditating ten minutes, twice a day, will change your life."

There are as many techniques for meditation as there are people meditating.  Go inside yourself to seek your own path.  And it's your journey, no one else's.  Guided meditations, through a recorded program, or in a live class can give you a very deep and meaningful experience.  How about using tarot as a guide?  Sometimes it's enough to and wait to see which card image comes to mind.  However, there are times that by focusing on a particular card we can gain the insight necessary to remove blocks that inhibit our personal growth.

Are you trying to beat a dead horse instead of letting go of a situation and moving on?  Through meditation you can travel to a beach at twilight.  Eight cups lie in the sand and it's your job to carefully stack them.  Not an easy task when your mind clings to something that's over and done simply because it is familiar.  The cups won't stay put until you've mentally filled each of them with every concern or fear that prevents you from moving forward in life.  Once the cups are filled with your issues, they stack into a neat pyramid and you're free to leave them behind just like the traveler in the 8 of Cups.  Pick up your walking stick and head for the path to the mountains.  Now you're free to scale to new heights and accomplish new goals.

If you've erected a barrier between yourself and another person, use the image on the 2 of Swords as your focal point.  Feel the blindfold covering your eyes - the fabric against your face, the knot at the back of your head.  Hear the sound of water behind you.  The weight of the swords make it difficult to keep your arms in a crossed position.  Your arms ache with fatigue.  What is it about this person that makes you put yourself through this discomfort?  Are they even in front of you?  You'll never know unless the blindfold comes off.  In order to take off the blindfold, however, you must put down the swords.  Eventually, you will identify which is worse to you, being completely blind to the truth of the situation or momentarily unprotected.  At that point you will make your decision what to do and whatever you decide will tell give you insight to yourself and how you interact with people.

Tarot cards make excellent focal points for a meditative journey.  Choose images from your favorite deck.  The Osho Zen deck blends well with meditation.  The cards, "Existence" ( The Magician) and "Silence" (Star) are excellent cards for inward journeys.  Remember, in meditation you are the one in control and you set the pace.  Try some tarot journeys and let me know what you think.

For those of you in the greater Portland, Oregon area, Linda Becker will be teaching meditation classes this Summer.  Check out her site, Linda Jane Becker, Living with Soul Foundation.


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