Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Crystals Every Person Needs - Part 1 Claiming Your Space

It's Spring, the traditional season for cleaning.  And nothing needs cleaning more after a long, closed up Winter than your energy field and the space around it.  We've just completed a retrograde cycle that a lot of people found particularly disruptive.  So break out the vacuum cleaner, mop, dust rags and sage smudges.  If you're lucky enough to live where there is actually some form of sunshine in the spring, run your crystals under cold water (only if appropriate) and put them out in the sunshine.

If you are new to crystal use there are basics you need to know.  I'll go over some of them here, but I recommend that you invest in a good crystal book.  There are several out there.  Among my favorites are, Melody's, "Love Is In The Earth," and Judy Hall's books, "The Crystal Bible" and "The Crystal Encyclopedia."  Melody's book is very in-depth, discussing factors of hardness, vibrational frequency and formations.  The information is excellent, but the only draw back is that there are no pictures to use as guidelines for identifying crystals.  Hall's books are great from the perspective of not only giving you good, scientific information, but also it has color pictures of each crystal for easy identification.

So how do you determine what crystals are right for you?  One
Peach selenite tower - wonderful source of white light
simple rule.  They will find you.  No, seriously, you ask, how?  I repeat, they will find you.  I have an enormous Pink Quartz that I found at an estate sale.  I'd been looking for one like that for months and there it was, shoved in a cardboard box, overlooked by fifty other people, just waiting for me.  I picked it up and as weird as it may sound to some of you who've never experienced the phenomena, we recognized each other immediately.  It now happily resides in the middle of my kitchen table activating my heart chakra and sending beautiful, calming energy throughout the room.

Spring cleaning, or clearing as I call it, should start with the space around you.  If you can't smudge due to allergies, I suggest gridding rooms by placing four, cleared Black Tourmaline and four Selenite stones in each corner of the room.  Black Tourmaline, repels and transmutes negative energy and also acts as a protector against the the ill-wishes of others.  It's also excellent to keep you from being drained by energy vampires, people who we may love, but who tend to syphon off our energy to keep their lives in balance.  though they are not nearly as sexy as Twilight's Cullen family,  we all know people who feed off us, leaving us weary and wary of dealing with them.  Black Tourmaline will stop the suction in its tracks.

A milky crystal cluster and my old friend, Ametrine
Keep in mind that Tourmaline does not clear itself and must be cleaned regularly.  It will store negativity.  Let me give you this cautionary tale.  I'd loaned a particularly nice piece of Russian Black Tourmaline to my daughter who planned to visit an extremely haunted location for EPV work.  (Yes, we're all like this in my household) She had other items with her as well and although she remembered to smudge herself and them when she got home, she neglected to clear the crystal.  I figured it out two days later when the car started acting up, the washing machine  jammed in mid-cycle and our cell phones began picking up static in the house.  Chaos isn't just a theory as it turns out.  When I asked my daughter about the tourmaline, she remembered it hadn't been cleaned.  I located the offensive little rascal on her vanity table and when I reached for it, I could feel its energy vibrating before I even picked it up.  Not a good sign in this case.  I cleared the stone and the washer cycle re-engaged (hasn't malfunctioned since) and the cell phones returned to normal.  The car however, needed oil.  My bad.  Clear Black Tourmaline by running it under cold water, or smudging.

Selenite holds high vibrational, white light.  Unlike Black Tourmaline, it never needs clearing and can actually clear other stones around it.  That's why I like to use it in conjunction with other crystals.  Selenite brings great mental clarity, enhances telepathic communications and will deepen you mediations.  Holding a large piece is a wonderful experience.  You immediately feel lighter in both mind and spirit.  Just one caution - do not clean this stone with water.  Selenite is a soft stone and is not meant for immersion.  And as I said before, it does not need to be cleared.

The two most common forms of Selenite are tall, white to peach colored pillars or rods and the incredible Desert Rose structure.  The crystal actually forms like the petals of a flower.  They are both beautiful and useful.  These stones work wonders in clearing your space and keeping other stones clear as well.  I keep mine off the floor because I have pets and if your stones are small, they can present a choking hazard to small children and animals.

Once you've cleared your room, think about what other crystals you'd like to introduce to that space as well.  In the second part of this blog we'll discuss crystal additions and what crystals can help clear and balance you.

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