Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Case for Divine Balance # 11 - Justice

#11, Justice - Divine order and
universal fairness - RWCS deck
September 4, 2014 = #11, Justice
Here's some things for your consideration 
on this day of universal balance...

Justice sits squarely upon her throne, the chaos of the universe discretely hidden behind the scarlet drape at her back.  She knows the fundamental truth lying at the heart of all matters.  Her judgment is never clouded by her own perceptions.  We know this because her right hand holds her sword upright, straight and true, not tilted to one side or the other by her personal bias.  Never confuse justice with judgment, because one has little to do with the other.  Judgment is about decisions based upon facts, happenstance or personal preference.  Justice is about balance and fairness.  Justice is karma.

If # 11 has shown up in your reading ask yourself where you need fairness and balance in your life.  Did something happen in the past that has caused you regret?  Is the universe sending you a message that it's past time you forgave yourself and moved on?  Life has a way of balancing things out, sometimes in a straightforward manner and sometimes in a pattern that may take years to unfold.

I told you all that to tell you this...

This past weekend was miraculous and I was there to see it all unfold.  At the beginning of the month (see post - "The April Fool")  I told you the story of the sailboat my husband and I bought to rebuild on April Fool's day, six years ago.  Before this latest project boat, "Enchantress," there was another sailboat, a wooden, ketch named "Jenny."  Jenny was our first major project boat.  She'd been the victim of a fire set as revenge for a tattoo gone wrong.  I know... but that's a story for another time.  We bought her and painstakingly repaired her.  Once Jenny was complete, we said goodbye to our home in the city and took our children cruising among the San Juan Islands of Washington and into Canada.

When we returned, circumstances forced us to sell Jenny.  It wasn't easy, especially for my husband.  He knew every bolt, every plank in her by heart.  We all loved Jenny, but she was part of his soul. Sailors will tell you that wooden boats hold a spirit, a life force all their own because they are made of organic material.  They're right.  Each of us could feel Jenny in our own way, but my husband, felt her more than any of us.  For him, he was losing a piece of himself.

Ciro Marchetti's more yin and yang
view of Justice.  Works for me.
"Legacy of the Divine Tarot"©
The last weekend she was ours, we took her sailing, spending one last night with her.  We were all pretty miserable.  We said our goodbyes, thanking her for all her gifts to us and for protecting our family on the ocean.  As the years passed (16 of them) we heard tales of her, but never saw her again.  Frankly, it would have been too painful.  Just after we purchased Enchantress, we heard Jenny was for sale, but our commitments were elsewhere and so we let her go again.

Jenny often drifted into our thoughts as we undertook the momentous task of reconstructing Enchantress. We rebuilt her hull, purchased a galley stove and an engine, along with hundreds of miscellaneous parts.  Then trouble hit.  The engine we purchased for her refused to work correctly.  Now bear in mind that during the past 6 years I'd heard my husband say, "If we only had Jenny's engine.  That would have been perfect," no less than a hundred times.  And now that we were in need the cosmic tumblers started clicking with blinding speed.

Last week we saw an ad for a used engine that was the same make and model as Jenny's.  The seller said the engine had been pulled from a wooden Tahiti Ketch - just like Jenny.  Long story short, when we saw the engine my husband was suspicious and seeing the boat's title only confirmed what he knew at first sight.  It was Jenny's engine. She'd found her way back to us.  The seller told us he had other parts from her as well.  He produced a pair of brass reading lamps, lamps I'd turned on and off a thousand times.  We bought them.  I held them in my lap as we drove away, tears streaming down my face.  Our girl had never given up on us and in the strange balance of the universe, she'd found her way home.

A lot of things had to happen quickly and in a certain way to make
#5, The Hierophant from
Ciro Marchetti's "Legacy of the Divine Tarot"©
this all come about.  This story is so much more than just a story about replacing an old boat engine.  My husband's year card is #11, Justice.  Amid the chaos of life, the universe has restored balance for him at least in this piece.  Karma.  If Jenny had a heart, then surely that's what this engine is.  I believe it.  We will transplant Jenny's heart into Enchantress and we will have many new adventures with both of them.

Numbers 11 and 5, justice and faith.  It's a darn good year.

(I originally posted this blog in 2012 and it looks like we'll have a launch this summer! You can be sure I'll keep you posted!)

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