Thursday, April 26, 2012

Abundance, Prosperity and the Garden of the Empress

RWCS #3, The Empress
It's lush and green outside and every weed in my garden has taken a self-actualization seminar.   I can still find evidence of former order, or as much order as I ever allow in my garden.  There's the promise of fragrant summer blooms and for now there's enough for me.  We are approaching the end of April and Earth's miraculous transformation from the colder months to the warmer months will be complete.  At least in this hemisphere.  Let's mark the coming of May 1st and a waxing moon cycle with a visit to the Empress' garden.

The Empress is card number three in the Major Arcana.   She, herself, is lush and filled with sensual pleasure - life-giving Mother Earth who sustains her children by connecting them to the natural world.  And although her world has rules and order, it can never be as tightly controlled as the finite world of her male counterpart, the Emperor.  Where the Emperor demands  adherence to rules, the Empress is wildly abandoned in her acts of creation.  Her garden is a riot of colors and textures that stir the senses.

Are you seeking to create a new project, to manifest a more
"The Goddess Tarot"© Kris Waldress
#3, Fertility - The Empress
abundant life?  Then spend some time with the Empress.  Allow her natural fertility to spark your creative drive.  During the waxing moon, we concentrate on what we want to expand into our reality.  Take time to walk in the park or work in your yard and allow the Earth's natural, life-affirming rhythm center you.  Be the sponge.  Use your senses to take in everything around you.  Now, create.  What fires your soul?  Music, dance, sewing, cooking, wine making? You decide.  Allow nature's flow to energize your creativity.  Discover your passion for being alive at this time of year.  It's been a long winter.  Allow yourself to bloom.  Your roots run deep into the earth and you are never too old.

"Steampunk Tarot"© Ally Fell and
Barbara Moore, #3 TheEmpress

We often think of abundance and prosperity solely in terms of material success.  Today take a minute to recognize the bounty you have in your life that's not tied to the material.  Feel gratitude for the abundance of family, friends, ideas, knowledge, and for your connection to Source.  This is the "new" time of year and what better way to make a new start, than to commit to yourself.


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