Friday, July 13, 2012

Ramping Up for Retrograde - July 14, 2012 - August 8, 2012

Many of us view Mercury Retrograde with concern, and there’s some validity to that.  Any new endeavor we undertake during a retrograde cycle has a tendency to go a little sideways.  A vicious retrograde period can give us a whole new respect for ancient man shooting arrows at the moon to drive away dragons.  
While the basic rules for handling a Mercury Retrograde still apply, (see my blog, “Mercury Retrograde, Tarot and You”) we have some very significant differences going on with this one.  This Mercury Retrograde happens at 13 degrees of Leo which lends an air of creativity, spontaneity and playfulness.  Playfulness in a Mercury Retrograde?  Are you kidding?  Absolutely not.  It turns out that Leo is our new best friend.  
Leo rules the heart and often asks us to risk our inner-most feelings and sense of self to make positive gains in our lives.  Here’s where we return to basic retrograde rules.  Remember your ‘R’ words.  Review, research, restructure, revamp, rekindle and reconnect.  Take your ‘R’ words, superimpose them over the energy of self-expression and there you have Mercury Retrograde in Leo.  
Reconnect with a former means of self-expression - perhaps re-edit a piece of writing or redesign a quilt pattern from years ago.  Dust off projects and rework them.  You have the advantage now of time and perspective.  Use it. During this retrograde look for innovative and fresh ideas.  Create beauty around you on July 14th.
July 15th could find you with inner demons biting at your ankles.  They’ve been holding you back long enough. Perhaps you blame your partner or your parents for things that happened long ago.  Maybe a co-worker has stepped on your toes and has compromised your working relationship. Now is the time to let Saturn’s energy help you move through these resentments and take responsibility for your own life decisions.  It might be tough going at first, but you stand a good shot at driving them away and ending the stagnation that blocks your progress.  Strive to end co-dependencies.  Reprogram yourself.   Remember the expression “If you think you can’t, your right.  If you think you can your right.”  Attitude is everything.
On July 22nd, words are strong and powerful.  They can wound or heal and it’s a conscious decision on your part which one they will do.  Temper your words with others, but use a strong, clear voice in writing from your heart.  Those words are your own and are written by you, for you.  You can edit out any over-indulgences on the 24th.  That’s a good day for making informed decisions.  
Social connects and celebrations  come to the forefront on August 1st.  Perhaps you should meet up with friends, old and new at a local bistro or pub.  Enjoy a good pint of summer ale and some well-deserved fellowship.  You have seven days left in this retrograde period and you are already picking up steam.
Mercury turns direct on August 8th and if you’ve done your homework correctly through the retrograde you will hit the ground running.  The new ideas that you came up with in mid-July, revamped over ale on August 1st,  are ready to go.  August 8th’s celestial patterns promise us a stable platform to begin Leo’s creative endeavors in earnest.
In terms of tarot, the Major Arcana card for the July 14th is # 8, Strength.  Begin the retrograde with grounding meditations and a clean energy environment.  Stay focused and grounded throughout the cycle.  August 8th’s card is #12, The Hanged Man.  Your waiting period is officially over.  Get busy.  If you need further assurance of Leo creative power in your life, August 9th’s card is # 13, Death.  Transformation.  Bring on the party, Baby, because you are transforming your life by ending your old patterns and are about to give birth to your new ideas.  Stay focused and celebrate!


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