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Full Moon in Capricorn, July 12, 2014 – “Blending Ambition, Motivation and People Skills’”

One of the names for July’s Full Moon is Thunder Moon,
The Emperor, from "Wizard's Tarot"© by
Corrine Kenner and John J. Blumen
authority, structure - my pick to
represent business
ostensibly because summer’s heat and humidity leads to lots of thunderstorms this month. It’s an apt description for our Full Moon arriving on July 12th in twenty degrees of 
Capricorn, the Goat ( See Blog: “When the Zodiac Gets Your Goat” for mythology). A Full Moon occurs when the Sun is directly opposite our Moon. The signs Cancer and Capricorn are also opposite one another on the wheel of the Zodiac making July’s Full Moon one of opposing energies. However these forces can be harnessed for your benefit if you know how to apply them.

Sun in Cancer carries an emotional and intuitive charge. (See Blog: “Cancer the Crab, They’re all They’re Cracked Up to Be”) It is a cardinal sign ruled by the Moon and the element of water. People born under the sign of Cancer are tender-hearted, sensitive and highly creative with a strong emphasis on home and domestic relationships. Our New Moon in Cancer (See blog: “A Terrific Night For a Moon Dance" ) was very powerful for setting July’s emotional tone. We felt comforted and excited, like rolling in puppies – warm, wiggly and joyful. And our Full Moon in Capricorn? Not so much. This is a moon for negotiating and deal making.

"Wizard's Tarot's"© version of #14,
Temperance. Strive to balance this
Full Moon's polar energy
Sun in Cancer opposite Full Moon in Capricorn makes us work to maintain balance between our intellect and our emotions. Where Cancer is intuitive and emotional (at times too much so), Capricorn lives in its head, putting knowledge into practical application. Capricorn is self-contained, remote, while Cancer, though self-protective, joins the emotional fray. Cancer’s drives are geared towards home and the domestic life, while Capricorn teems with ambition and the need to publicly excel through career and achievement of personal goals.  

During the Full Moon period (three days prior and four days after) we can combine the energy of these two strong, but opposing signs to gain ground in our professional lives.  Capricorn’s drive to excel makes July’s Full Moon an excellent moon for reclaiming sales territory, or presenting sensitive portfolios to investors. It’s a motivational moon. Let Capricorn’s natural ambition and knowledge off the leash.  The key to maximum success, however, lies in knowing your subject.  All the hubris in the world can’t bring home a deal if you don’t know your subject inside and out and can effectively communicate that knowledge.  Here’s where you can let Cancer’s intuition work for you as well.  Read people – co-workers, client’s, bosses, the barista down the street.  While Capricorn’s energy has you focus on the goal, let Cancer establish the human connection.  When presenting material or doing a sales presentation, let Cancer’s emotional subtext help you metaphorically pick up your client and take them with you to the safe and logical conclusion that working with you is the smart thing to do.  If you don’t understand this concept then it’s time to break out the classic motivational speakers.

Lunar phases deal in an emotional framework, but they are
6 of Wands from "Wizard's Tarot"©
Victory, leadership

also about culmination and fruition during the Full Moon cycle.  July’s Full Thunder Moon can be a time of advancement for you if you do your homework and apply what you’ve learned.  Be brilliant!


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