Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Venus in Cancer, July 18, 2014 – “With Fronds Like These, Who Needs Anemones”

“Finding Nemo,” is one of my favorite movies and every time I 
Kris Waldherr uses the goddess Venus for
#6, The Lovers in her "Goddess Tarot"©
watch it, I chuckle over Marlin the Clown Fish’s rather lame joke. If you’ve ever visited a tidal pool and poked an Anemone you know that stimulating their fronds makes them quiver and close up in an instant. Venus’ transit of Cancer this month turns all turns us into untral-sensitive creatures who react instantaneously to both negative and positive romantic stimulation.  We also become incurable romantics. 

Mercury has been in the sign of the crab since July 13th.  (See blog: “July Astrological Trends”) That’s a witty intellect.  Venus is another story.  The goddess of love rules the seventh and second houses of the Zodiac, dealing with primary relationships and self- esteem, respectively.  Cancer lives in the fourth house where we house our family and foundations.  The fourth house is ruled by the Moon, which gives us insights, but can also make Venus’ attractions remarkably strong this month.  Don’t worry, though.  You’re unlikely to throw everything away for love. Cancer is too practical for that.  Venus in Cancer makes us want to hug the world, or at least our corner of it.  We all become more sentimental and our romantic roles, more traditional in the game of hunt and chase. We want to woo and be wooed as the situation dictates.

#3, Estsanatlehi (try saying this three
 times fast!) represents the Empress, Venus' tarot
 association from Waldherr's "The Goddess Tarot"©
If there’s a down side to Venus in Cancer, it’s the heightened sensitivity we have during this transit.  Cancerians are shell people.  Much like an Anemone, they close themselves off when they become confused, or hurt. They have a need to hide emotions. Expect a little tug of war inside yourself with the need to emote and the need to protect your super sensitive feelings.

Venus in Cancer is a great transit for summer romances (as opposed to summer flings).  Enjoy the idea of romance and romantic gestures.  Think about possibilities, but stay away from obsessing on a particular person.  Like the summer, keep it light.


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