Thursday, April 24, 2014

Mercury in Taurus, April 23rd to May 6th – “A Practical Mindset With Keen Insights”

The Magician, conscious, directed thought, is
Mercury's tarot association.  Seen here in Corrine
Kenner and John J. Blumen's, "Wizard's Tarot"©
Mercury in Taurus is a mind that knows itself and is highly resourceful.  During the next couple of weeks, to varying degrees and according to our birth charts, we will all have the opportunity to enjoy the fruits of a focused and practical mind.  Taurus takes to Mercury’s visit like strawberries take to champagne and chocolate.  Taurus appreciates the finer things in life and that includes mental acuity.  

The next couple of weeks is an excellent time to review and make decisions about matters dealing with your financial security and the material world because Mercury in Taurus has a knack for handling money.  Where Taurus likes to try the new and the different, Mercury’s analytical influence helps us see past the razzle dazzle to determine what actual value a project or investment strategy holds for us.  Once you’ve reached your decision, however, don’t be surprised if you feel a touch of Taurus’ legendary stubbornness and an automatic resistance to listening to anyone else’s concerns or opinions.  Be careful not to alienation those closest to you by refusing to hear them out.

The Hierophant, tarot's card for Taurus
effectively represents the deep, spiritual energy of
Taurus. From Ciro Marchetti's "Legacy of
the Divine Tarot" ©
Our powers of perception increase during Mercury in Taurus making us more keenly aware of the world around us.  We often take on the role of observer during unfamiliar social situations rather than rush headlong into new friendships.  A Taurian mindset is circumspect about who it allows close.  It also likes to indulge in learning new things as well as deepening its understanding of familiar subjects.  Experience is a great teacher to Mercury in Taurus, so don’t be surprised to find yourself willing to try new things that appear a little out of character for you.

Mercury in Taurus is an easy frame of mind and frankly, we need it after dealing with the complex energy patterns of this month.  This transit gives us the opportunity to consider and effectively deal with material concerns before we head into the summer season, so let your mind rest easy.  If you don’t know all the answers, relax.  Realizing you don’t know everything is the beginning of true


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