Saturday, April 27, 2013

Sunday, April 28, 2013 - Saturn in Opposition To Sun in Taurus

Just when we decided to sigh with relief for surviving this month’s Full Pink Moon in Scorpio, the cosmos began snickering behind our backs.  We have another litmus test to face this month - Saturn in opposition to the Sun in Taurus.  Cue the organ music and hang the garlic.

It takes Saturn 29.5 years to complete an orbit around the Sun and every 378 days Earth and Saturn come into alinement.  What makes this year’s Saturn alinement so interesting is that this will be Saturn’s closest point to Earth for the next ten years.  Also, Saturn’s famous rings will be tilted at an 18 degree angle, making them much more visible.  Get your telescopes ready.  Saturn, like any good party hound, will be visible throughout the night of the 28th.  It rises out of the East after sunset and sets in the West after sunrise.  The planet will be easy to recognize as the second brightest object in the night sky.

Astrologically speaking, the 28th offers us some challenges.  This isn’t a big surprise because Saturn is the Zodiac’s teaching planet and likes to offer us lessons that inspire us to grow as individuals. Saturn remains in Scorpio until next December 24, 2014 and as you’ll remember from my blog on April’s Full Pink Moon (You might as well check it out. You’re in the neighborhood.), Scorpio carries transformational energy.  Both Saturn and Scorpio’s characteristics will be supped up due to Saturn’s oppositional stance with the Sun in Taurus.  

Your challenge on the 28th will be to scrutinize familiar behavioral patterns and discover whether they move you forward in life, or hold you back.  The House of Taurus, also revved up by opposition, lends you its keen focus.  Once you’ve determined which behavioral patterns must be revised or eliminated, don’t waste anytime.  Start making changes.  Several astrologers have mentioned a karmic component to April 28th.  The Major Arcana card for the day happens to be #11, Justice.  This card is about a fair and balanced universe, but there is also an element of karmic energy attached to #11’s meaning. Funny how things all fits together, huh? 

The areas of love and finances may be particularly vulnerable to karmic lessons on the 28th.  The chickens may come home to roost in your bed.  The wolves who were at your door, may now be sitting in your living room with their feet up on the coffee table hollering for pizza.  If either scenario mirrors your life, remember to focus on the recurring patterns in your behavior.  See what changes you must make and make them.  And as with any challenging time, concentrate on the positive energy around you, using its power to keep yourself moving onwards and upwards.  Don’t worry.  We’ve got wonderful stuff coming in May.


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Full Moon in Scorpio and A Partial Eclipse April 25, 2013 - No Need To ‘Duck and Run’

There’s no shortage of names for April’s full moon.  We can call it Full Pink Moon, Full Sprouted Grass Moon, Full Fish Moon, or Full Egg Moon. There are no shortage of planets and signs involved in this month’s full moon either.  On the 25th our full moon is in 5 degrees, 46 minutes of Scorpio. Scorpio is keeping company with Saturn until 2015.  Saturn, the teacher of the Zodiac, gives us challenges designed to hone our strengths and prompt us to excel.  The Scorpion is about transformation; the end of one cycle and the beginning of another.  This month’s Full Pink Moon gives all of us a chance to use Scorpio’s phoenix mode and rise from the ashes to reinvent ourselves and our lives.

Many astrologers say this is a full moon of reckoning.  Uranus and Pluto, who are in transit together, are building up for another power square in mid May.  Uranus is the planet of revolutionary thought and social change, while Pluto is all about emotional subtext.  Hidden issues come to light under Pluto’s influence. Once in the open, they can heal, but it’s not always a pleasant process.  On the 25th, Uranus will be in Aries. That’s a fiery, ‘me first’ energy, but it’s also an energy that does not fear change. The Ram embraces forward movement, particularly if gets gets him what he wants. Emotional Pluto on the other hand, is in Capricorn.  Capricorn’s ruler is Saturn, the ‘enforcer’ of the Zodiac.  Saturn teaches us responsibility, resourcefulness and regulations. Capricorn rules the tenth house of finance, big business, banking and power deals.  Take stock of your finances before splurging. Watch out for impulses to randomly invest. Financial responsibility now translates to a bigger budget later this summer.

This moon can also push your relationship buttons.  Be aware of power struggles with your partner.  Don’t play games. Prioritize everyone’s needs in your relationships, both personal and professional. This is good advice all the time, but even better advice now.  Most importantly, give yourself and your partner room to expand this week.  This is not the time to draw lines around anyone, particularly yourself and say, “stay put and don’t change.”  No one is advocating infidelity here. This is all about personal development and attaining goals.

The last player on the field for the Full Pink Moon is none other than the Moon herself.  We have a partial penumbral eclipse.  We won’t necessarily notice it visually, but we will feel its power.  Use it to goal set, to assist you in accessing Scorpio’s transformative power.  The Sun in Taurus will help you ground and focus our intention.  This moon is extremely strong.  There’s really no need to ‘duck and run.’ Just use all that lunar energy responsibly to become the person you were meant to be.  


Tarot Planetary and Sign Associations

Mars - The Tower, sudden, unexpected change

Pluto - Judgment, rebirth and decisions

Saturn - The World, fulfillment and integration

Uranus - The Fool, a fresh start (divinely protected)

Aries - The Emperor, rules and structure

Taurus - The Hierophant, group spiritual structure, spirituality

Scorpio - Death, end of a cycle transformative rebirth

Capricorn - The Devil, conflict between higher self and enslavement to the material

Moon - the High Priestess, unconscious thought and intuition

Please forgive the over simplified meanings for some very complex cards, but I think it’s important to see the astrological correlations without ten more pages of blog. 


Friday, April 19, 2013

Lyrids Meteor Shower, April 21st -April 22nd - Lyre, Lyre - Sky on Fire

The constellation Lyra, is the radiant, or point of origin, for the Lyrids Meteor Shower.  Lyra, whose principle star is Vega, rises out of the northeastern part of the sky after 10:00 p.m.  The Lyrids shower runs from April 16th through the 25th, but the peak time for viewing will be during the pre-dawn hours of April 22nd, after the moon has set (Waxing Gibbous in Virgo at 91.2 % full).  This meteor shower is one of the more conservative displays we see in the meteor season, raining between ten to twenty meteors per hour.  However, according to astronomers, the Lyrids will sometimes surprise you with surges of up to one hundred meteors per hour.

According to myth, Orpheus, the son of Apollo and Calliope, was a musician.  His best known gig was playing lead lyre for Jason and the Argonauts.  His father, Apollo, gave Orpheus a lyre that’s sound was so pure and enticing, its music charmed everything - even the rocks in the field.  It also charmed a beautiful nymph named Eurydice, who fell in love with Orpheus and married him.  

It’s not easy being the half-mortal child of a god. Just ask Percy Jackson. Orpheus and Eurydice’s happiness didn’t last. One day, while running from an ardent admirer (a common pastime for beautiful nymphs), Eurydice was bitten by a snake and died.  Orpheus in his grief followed her into the underworld and pleaded with Pluto for her return. Pluto agreed, with one condition.  Orpheus must lead his wife from the underworld, but never look back at her until they were above ground. You guessed it; for whatever reason, he looked back.  Later, after Orpheus’ death at the hands of crazed fans during a bacchanalia, Jupiter placed the magical lyre in the sky for all to see.

The cosmic debris responsible of the Lyrids display comes from the tail of Comet Thatcher.  This comet appears in our neighborhood every 415 years and we pass through its debris field every April.  Comet Thatcher was discovered on April 5, 1861, a week before the beginning of the American Civil War.  Its discovery clearly lent credence to the old superstition that the appearance of a comet preceded catastrophic events.

Meteor watching requires no protective eye gear.  All you need is a dark sky, a blanket and maybe a lawn chair.  It’s a natural spectacle, rated G, devoid of CGI and Dolby Sound.  More importantly, like starlight, meteor showers are free.


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Sun in Taurus - April 20th - May 21st - “Raging Bull or Serious Cuddle Bunny?”

#5, The Hierophant is the tarot card
for Taurus - Faith, belief systems. From
"Wizard's Tarot"© by Corrine Kenner and
John J. Blumen 
There’s a distinct difference in the meaning of the words, sensual and sensuous, and no sign in the zodiac illustrates that difference better than Taurus the Bull. ‘Sensual,’ is defined as “an arousing gratification of the senses, particularly sexual.”  ‘Sensuous,’ however, relates “to matters of the senses rather than intellect.”  You enjoy the feel of water surrounding you as you swim, the taste of good chocolate in your mouth, the smell of roses in the garden and the visual spectacle of a brilliant sunset.  These things are experienced through heightened senses, not heightened sexuality.  They are sensuous experiences.  Of course, I suppose it depends on what you’re doing in the rose garden with the chocolate, doesn’t it?

The sign of the bull rules the second house of the zodiac where astrologers seek information about money, material success and spirituality. Taurus’ love luxury, but that doesn’t mean they are materialistic by nature. They simply experience life sensuously.  Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty.  It’s the sensuous beauty of an object, its sight, touch, smell or taste, that engages bull people, not the blind thrill of acquisition.  Taurus is an earth sign and its people are hard working. Likewise, they enjoy rewarding themselves for their efforts.  

Taurians are also highly spiritual individuals and they have a
The Empress is tarot's association
for Venus, ruling planet of Taurus
From "Steampunk Tarot"© by Barbara
Moore and Aly Fell
knack for turning their homes into warm and inviting sanctuaries for themselves and their loved ones. They remain cool and collected in a crisis and make wonderful friends. Their best relationships are with the water signs, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. When Taurus falls in love, they fall hard and they usually stay that way. 

Like everyone else, they have flaws.  Taurus’ infinite patience also translates into a stubborn streak.  They don’t necessarily have a quick temper, but they love a good argument and their stubbornness can make it difficult to change their minds.  

In tarot, the Sign of the Bull is ruled by #5, The Hierophant.  There’s that spiritual intensity again.  Taurus’ ruling planet, Venus, is governed by # 3, The Empress.  The Empress expresses Taurus’ opulent nature. All good things flow in the garden of the Empress and there is no better place for a Taurus to be.  After all, lush green is their signature color.  Enjoy these special people.  They can teach us a lot about enjoying life.


Friday, April 12, 2013

April 14th, Moon Conjunct Jupiter in Gemini - "What's New Pussycat?"

On April 14th, the planet, Jupiter is conjunct (same degree at the same time) with our Moon at 2 degrees of Gemini.  When planets are conjunct, the influences of both planets intensify. (Yes, the moon is actually a satellite, but in terms of astrological influence, it’s considered planetary.)  Gemini, ruled by tarot’s #6, The Lovers, as well as by the planet Mercury, strongly influences April 14th.  The sign of the twins denotes cat-like curiosity, coupled with a quick and lively mind.  Gemini urges us to not only seek answers, but to also define new questions as well.  There’s a strong, emotional component to Gemini’s intellectual musings, however.  We can be bright and vivacious one moment, then turn inward and mercurial the next.  Cat people.

Jupiter is the Kris Kringle of our solar system - generous, optimistic and adventurous.  He showers us with good fortune and prosperity.  The big guy is all about the long distance journey, both figuratively and literally.  Jupiter’s transit through Gemini completes on June 25th.  This planet, ruled by tarot’s #10, The Wheel of Fortune (destiny and movement), likewise rules astrology’s 9th house.  The cosmos stashes our confidence and potential for personal growth in house number 9.  Here’s the kicker.  April 14th marks Jupiter’s closest proximity to Earth for this year. Deck the halls and hold out your hands, people.  Get ready to receive some of Jupiter’s bounty.

Our waxing Lady Moon, ruled by #2, The High Priestess, adds reflection and intuition into the conjunctive mix.  The Moon rules the sign of Cancer, a water sign which packs a healthy dose of insight, sensitivity and empathy.  In turn, Cancer is ruled by tarot’s #7, The Chariot (triumph over obstacles). This conjunction offer us the ability to manifest both adventure and prosperity into our lives while we use our intuition to guide us.  Bounty, insight and the ability to get out of your own way. What more could you ask for?

There’s also a very social aspect to Gemini.  Expect more opportunities to gather and make merry during the next couple of days.  However, don’t let Gemini’s dual influence over communication and intellect turn you into the most dreaded and avoided person at the party - the intellectual snob.  Have fun manifesting abundance on the 14th and keep those cat-like reflexes.


Monday, April 8, 2013

New Moon in Aries - April 10, 2013

A Fool, a High Priestess and an Empress walk into a Tower one night.  Stop me if you’ve heard this one.  On April 10th we have a new moon in Aries.  In my previous blog, “Astrological Trends for April, 2013,” (see post below) I discussed the astrological players on the field.  To recap, we have Venus, Mars, Uranus, the Moon and the Sun currently in Aries, where they’ll remain through this new moon.  

In tarot, The Fool represents Uranus (Seriously.  I didn’t make that up.), The High Priestess is the Moon, The Empress is Venus and The Tower is Mars.  New moons are about fresh starts, a theme we will see repeated throughout this month.  The Moon itself, corresponds with the element of water.  Water represents emotions and spiritual energy. This is why every new moon we have the opportunity to rework the emotional subtext of our lives.

Aries, the Ram makes passion run strong on the 10th.  Aries, the element of fire, demands action (suit of Wands), whether you’re starting a new relationship, or rekindling an existing one. However, The Emperor rules Aries, which means there are rules for love that must be followed.  The biggest romance rule this new moon is that you get what you give.  April 10, 2013 adds up to #11, or Justice.  This card is about fairness, but there is also a karmic inference in the meaning.  What you put out, you will get back, so be forewarned.

The Empress, ruled by Venus, is about abundant flow and the act of creation.  Couple her card with Aries’ wand energy, toss in the intuition of the High Priestess and carefully fold in the Fool’s new beginning to refine and set your goals on the 10th.  The Tower, ruled by Mars, promises a change in the wind - not necessarily a destructive one.  Channel Mars’ energy to kick-start the process of manifesting your goals and desires during the new moon period.  Make them appear in your reality.  Perceive it, achieve it.   Most of all, use this planetary energy to enrich your life.  That’s what a fresh start is for.


Thursday, April 4, 2013

Astrological Trends for April 2013 - "This Joint is Jumping"

Spring is in the air and so is love.  Venus remains in Aires until April 15th (Naturally. Nothing kills romance like taxes.).  The planet of love provides lots of sparks the first two weeks of this month.  Astro experts say you can expect some delightful new romantic opportunities as well as a fresh perspective on existing relationships.  

Our new moon on April 10th is in 20 degrees of Aries. New moon’s are about new cycles and don’t be surprised if you receive an across the board power boost during this one.  Do you remember the power surge we got during The Full Worm Moon a couple of weeks ago?  We had Mars, Venus, the Sun and Uranus in Aries.  The power grid is still open for business.  Mars, Aries ruling planet, stays in house until April 20th.  Take advantage of this energy configuration to hone a competitive edge on the job.  Yes, there will be fresh challenges (this month is all about fresh) but you have a greater ability to focus until the 20th and that increases your confidence quotient.  Watch for conflicts and anger issues as Uranus (Sudden change and revolution) flexes its muscles this month.  To put it bluntly, keep your head in the game and out of Uranus.

Mercury parts company with Pisces on the 13th, but until then expect to have some peak moments of insight and intuition.  There will be a strong emotional subtext due to the energy of watery Pisces, however, this also adds lots of colorful imagery to your imagination.  Let it flow, but keep a handle on your emotions.  

There a lot more to say about April.  We have the Lyrid Meteor shower on April 21st, a full moon with a partial eclipse on April 25th and Saturn at opposition on April 28th.  I’ll be talking about these events a little later in the month.  Take your cues from the planets this month.  Keep it fresh and stay proactive.