Saturday, April 27, 2013

Sunday, April 28, 2013 - Saturn in Opposition To Sun in Taurus

Just when we decided to sigh with relief for surviving this month’s Full Pink Moon in Scorpio, the cosmos began snickering behind our backs.  We have another litmus test to face this month - Saturn in opposition to the Sun in Taurus.  Cue the organ music and hang the garlic.

It takes Saturn 29.5 years to complete an orbit around the Sun and every 378 days Earth and Saturn come into alinement.  What makes this year’s Saturn alinement so interesting is that this will be Saturn’s closest point to Earth for the next ten years.  Also, Saturn’s famous rings will be tilted at an 18 degree angle, making them much more visible.  Get your telescopes ready.  Saturn, like any good party hound, will be visible throughout the night of the 28th.  It rises out of the East after sunset and sets in the West after sunrise.  The planet will be easy to recognize as the second brightest object in the night sky.

Astrologically speaking, the 28th offers us some challenges.  This isn’t a big surprise because Saturn is the Zodiac’s teaching planet and likes to offer us lessons that inspire us to grow as individuals. Saturn remains in Scorpio until next December 24, 2014 and as you’ll remember from my blog on April’s Full Pink Moon (You might as well check it out. You’re in the neighborhood.), Scorpio carries transformational energy.  Both Saturn and Scorpio’s characteristics will be supped up due to Saturn’s oppositional stance with the Sun in Taurus.  

Your challenge on the 28th will be to scrutinize familiar behavioral patterns and discover whether they move you forward in life, or hold you back.  The House of Taurus, also revved up by opposition, lends you its keen focus.  Once you’ve determined which behavioral patterns must be revised or eliminated, don’t waste anytime.  Start making changes.  Several astrologers have mentioned a karmic component to April 28th.  The Major Arcana card for the day happens to be #11, Justice.  This card is about a fair and balanced universe, but there is also an element of karmic energy attached to #11’s meaning. Funny how things all fits together, huh? 

The areas of love and finances may be particularly vulnerable to karmic lessons on the 28th.  The chickens may come home to roost in your bed.  The wolves who were at your door, may now be sitting in your living room with their feet up on the coffee table hollering for pizza.  If either scenario mirrors your life, remember to focus on the recurring patterns in your behavior.  See what changes you must make and make them.  And as with any challenging time, concentrate on the positive energy around you, using its power to keep yourself moving onwards and upwards.  Don’t worry.  We’ve got wonderful stuff coming in May.


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