Friday, April 12, 2013

April 14th, Moon Conjunct Jupiter in Gemini - "What's New Pussycat?"

On April 14th, the planet, Jupiter is conjunct (same degree at the same time) with our Moon at 2 degrees of Gemini.  When planets are conjunct, the influences of both planets intensify. (Yes, the moon is actually a satellite, but in terms of astrological influence, it’s considered planetary.)  Gemini, ruled by tarot’s #6, The Lovers, as well as by the planet Mercury, strongly influences April 14th.  The sign of the twins denotes cat-like curiosity, coupled with a quick and lively mind.  Gemini urges us to not only seek answers, but to also define new questions as well.  There’s a strong, emotional component to Gemini’s intellectual musings, however.  We can be bright and vivacious one moment, then turn inward and mercurial the next.  Cat people.

Jupiter is the Kris Kringle of our solar system - generous, optimistic and adventurous.  He showers us with good fortune and prosperity.  The big guy is all about the long distance journey, both figuratively and literally.  Jupiter’s transit through Gemini completes on June 25th.  This planet, ruled by tarot’s #10, The Wheel of Fortune (destiny and movement), likewise rules astrology’s 9th house.  The cosmos stashes our confidence and potential for personal growth in house number 9.  Here’s the kicker.  April 14th marks Jupiter’s closest proximity to Earth for this year. Deck the halls and hold out your hands, people.  Get ready to receive some of Jupiter’s bounty.

Our waxing Lady Moon, ruled by #2, The High Priestess, adds reflection and intuition into the conjunctive mix.  The Moon rules the sign of Cancer, a water sign which packs a healthy dose of insight, sensitivity and empathy.  In turn, Cancer is ruled by tarot’s #7, The Chariot (triumph over obstacles). This conjunction offer us the ability to manifest both adventure and prosperity into our lives while we use our intuition to guide us.  Bounty, insight and the ability to get out of your own way. What more could you ask for?

There’s also a very social aspect to Gemini.  Expect more opportunities to gather and make merry during the next couple of days.  However, don’t let Gemini’s dual influence over communication and intellect turn you into the most dreaded and avoided person at the party - the intellectual snob.  Have fun manifesting abundance on the 14th and keep those cat-like reflexes.


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