Monday, April 8, 2013

New Moon in Aries - April 10, 2013

A Fool, a High Priestess and an Empress walk into a Tower one night.  Stop me if you’ve heard this one.  On April 10th we have a new moon in Aries.  In my previous blog, “Astrological Trends for April, 2013,” (see post below) I discussed the astrological players on the field.  To recap, we have Venus, Mars, Uranus, the Moon and the Sun currently in Aries, where they’ll remain through this new moon.  

In tarot, The Fool represents Uranus (Seriously.  I didn’t make that up.), The High Priestess is the Moon, The Empress is Venus and The Tower is Mars.  New moons are about fresh starts, a theme we will see repeated throughout this month.  The Moon itself, corresponds with the element of water.  Water represents emotions and spiritual energy. This is why every new moon we have the opportunity to rework the emotional subtext of our lives.

Aries, the Ram makes passion run strong on the 10th.  Aries, the element of fire, demands action (suit of Wands), whether you’re starting a new relationship, or rekindling an existing one. However, The Emperor rules Aries, which means there are rules for love that must be followed.  The biggest romance rule this new moon is that you get what you give.  April 10, 2013 adds up to #11, or Justice.  This card is about fairness, but there is also a karmic inference in the meaning.  What you put out, you will get back, so be forewarned.

The Empress, ruled by Venus, is about abundant flow and the act of creation.  Couple her card with Aries’ wand energy, toss in the intuition of the High Priestess and carefully fold in the Fool’s new beginning to refine and set your goals on the 10th.  The Tower, ruled by Mars, promises a change in the wind - not necessarily a destructive one.  Channel Mars’ energy to kick-start the process of manifesting your goals and desires during the new moon period.  Make them appear in your reality.  Perceive it, achieve it.   Most of all, use this planetary energy to enrich your life.  That’s what a fresh start is for.


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