Monday, March 25, 2013

Full Moon, March 27, 2013 - "The Worm Turns"

March’s Full Worm Moon occurs of Wednesday, March 27th at 2:27 a.m. PST.  This particular Full Moon derives its name from the spring thaw which allows worms to move to the surface to be devoured by robins. Is anyone else having a Wes Craven moment with this?  Perhaps Robin Moon would be a more picturesque name, but somewhere in the annals of time someone thought worms should be given their due.  I’m biased having been born and raised in Vermont, but I like the other name for March’s Full Moon - the Sap Moon.  It sound’s much more appetizing than Worm Moon.  As the weather warms in March the tree sap runs and this is the time of year for tapping maple trees.  It’s a truly amazing process and one you should check out on YouTube.

This year, our Sap Moon occurs in Libra.  Libra carries a lovely equity energy and has a strict policy of maintaining fairness and balance in just about everything.  Very harmonious - accept when you happen to have the Sun in Aries and three, count ‘em three, planets aligned within the same sign.  Venus, Uranus and Mars will be joining our Sun and hanging out in Aries in opposition to our Full Moon in Libra.  These planets will also be squaring Pluto.  What does this mean is simple language?  We have a relationship moon on the 27th and Libra, who is fair and balanced will be overpowered by Aries energy.  The Sun in Aries receives a super charge from a visit by Mars, its ruler and Venus, the relationship planet.  

Aries energy is based on self-interest.  First sign, first in line.  In terms of a relationship, that means making certain your needs are not only met, but that they come first.  There’s only one, first place in a relationship and there will be two people vying for the top spot during the Full Moon period.  You can see the problem.  The days leading up to the 27th and the few afterward may take all your communications skills, candor and ability to compromise to negotiate with your partner.  While you’re elbowing for position to have your own needs met, it’s crucial to remember that everyone’s needs are valid in a relationship.  One partner’s needs should never be considered more important than the needs of the other partner.  For your own sake this Full Moon, learn the difference between importance and immediacy.  Also remember the four Cs of relationships: Commitment, compassion, consideration and compromise.  


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