Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Astrological Trends for March, 2013 - Wondering Where the Lions Are

The thing about old sayings in that sooner or later we discover there’s some validity to them.  I learned that I can’t teach my 14 year-old dog tricks, new or otherwise.  March is said to either come in like a lion and go out like a lamb, or come in like a lamb and out like a lion.  This year, astrologers are using this simile to describe the astrological patterns of the month.

At the moment, we have a Mercury Retrograde in Pisces and it’s comparatively mild, as Mercury Retrogrades go.  Perhaps it’s all that whimsical Pisces energy.  The first two weeks of March are colored from our emotional palette.  However, we need to take care that we don’t paint in broad, sweeping brush strokes.  The key here is to stay centered and exercise some control.  The first half of March also gives us a chance to explore our creative side.  Meditations will be deeper and more rewarding. Mercury remains in Pisces until April 13th, making our thinking more magical.  This is a perfect opportunity to create your own reality. There’s a vibrancy to our intuition and a natural “joie de vivre” attached to the things we undertake.  Can’t you just see those little lambs frolicking across the meadow?  

Venus is visiting Pisces until March 21st.  The Goddess of Love not only makes us optimistic in romantic pursuits, but also gives us the urge to hug the world. (Watch some 60’s stock footage of Haight Ashbury, or the East Village) We will be more tender, compassionate and forgiving towards our partners.  The downside of this lovefest is that we may have a few border disputes when it comes to establishing and maintaining our personal boundaries.  Selfless acts too easily develop into victim-martyr scenarios.  Wishful thinking turns to self-delusion and when our behaviors are pointed out, we will most likely cover our ears and dawn our favorite pair of rose-colored glasses to evade the issue.  

On March 11th we have a New Moon at 21 degrees of Pisces. Also on the 11th, Uranus enters Aries and Venus travels parallel to Mercury.  These configurations signal March’s turn from lamb to lion.  On the 12th, Mars joins Uranus in Aries and we will feel the urge to throw out the old, restrictive patterns in our lives and start afresh.  These feelings will intensify through the Spring Equinox on March 20th.  On March 22nd Mars is conjunct Uranus, drawing in a restless and discontented energy.  Where you may have experienced dissent in the ranks before, you could see open rebellion.  Think of it as Spring Fever on steroids.  This is a good time to align yourself with the physical world.  Garden, clean house, hike, fly a kite, etc.  Being part of the physical world literally grounds you.

On March 27th we have a Full Moon in Libra.  Thank Heavens!  Libra’s influence grants us a respite from rebellious Aries.  I’ll have more on this month’s full moon later in the month.  Just remember your lion taming tricks.  The whip and the chair are optional.


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